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posted : 2010.Feb.05 @ 8.17pm



     This image was inspired by my favorite inter-galactic scripe Xavi and the interdimensional language that he has devoted himself to bringing through hyperspace and into our reallity. 


4th dimensional mask of reality


posted : 2010.Feb.05 @ 11.08pm
Nice.  I love those eyes! Same with your Jesus 2010 piece. The eyes have a very nice feeling about them. 

posted : 2010.Feb.06 @ 12.23am

Your so effing awesome! 

posted : 2010.Feb.06 @ 1.51am
Amazing!!!  I love the fusion with him Smile

posted : 2010.Feb.06 @ 8.29am

thanks guys


here is the Jesus image

interdimensional savoir

posted : 2010.Feb.07 @ 9.49am
Beautiful!  I'm excited to see your mastery language of art live when you come down to FL again Smile

posted : 2010.Feb.07 @ 6.04pm
Your stuff always leaves me speechless, man! Stunning art.

posted : 2010.Feb.20 @ 1.07am
The texturing around the eyes on both pieces is just luscious.  I love the crown of z-thorns Smile  Between these and your IFX cover it looks like you're rocking the head-on portraits lately, building up for another hologram perhaps?


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