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posted : 2010.Jan.18 @ 4.50pm

 Hello Pod, Giving a quick update on what I have been up to these days.

Lots of love to my fellow brothers and sister, let love guide us all.

~ Justin / Totemical









posted : 2010.Jan.18 @ 5.48pm
WOW! Justin your flow is so tight. I'm all over your graf influence, this stuff is really sick! Diggin Millenium Line; your light is really working there. Keep up the sweet work!

posted : 2010.Jan.19 @ 10.41pm

Yeah Thanks for the update.


I Love it all!



posted : 2010.Jan.29 @ 8.30pm

nice work Justin!

really crisp graphic styles mixed with a gooey flow.  I dig it.


posted : 2010.Jan.30 @ 9.05am
Soo cool!  Your work is mega inspirational!! Smile

posted : 2010.Jan.30 @ 6.32pm

Thanks for all the postive response, The compliments assure me that I am headed in the right directions.











posted : 2010.Feb.19 @ 8.29pm

BLIZZOW!  Dang man, you're ragin' it lately!  Each of your train-track pieces are bursting with wild power, there's so much energy surging through those curves.  You're really dialing in the photo-integration style, the lighting makes it seem totally natural to see the graf slithering along the tracks.  We're used to seeing graf in a static 2d, but you're taking it to a new level of living motion, no train required Smile  I also really dig the level of subtlety in your texturing, the blends are very interesting to the eye.  Low Bowz!

posted : 2010.Mar.09 @ 3.23pm

Thanks Geo.
Iv been working on that series, and have been wanting to go take some photographs at some trainyards to further the graff influence.
Just finisned a new website desing for my graphic services, would love to get any advice on the design and navigation.


Blessings to all, ~ Justin.

posted : 2010.Mar.09 @ 4.05pm

Hey Justin,


your website looks great.

I didn't realize you did so much commercial work.. all looking good!

posted : 2010.Mar.24 @ 3.08pm

~ Simon, yes I do quite a lot of freelance. Gotta pay the bills. !

Heres a new twisting Urban Sprawl peice!



and something else new:



posted : 2010.Mar.27 @ 5.28pm
Cool new pieces. I like the urban sprawl creations you are doing. It would be cool to see those in motion - track some footage and comp some of that flow in there. Nice work.

posted : 2010.Mar.29 @ 3.17pm

yea.. that new urban sprawl piece is really nice!


posted : 2010.Apr.11 @ 12.51pm



I've ran out of personal photographs to use for urban sprawl pieces and would love to do collaborations with photographers. 
Send me an email to if you would like to collaborate with photography.


thanks ~ Justin. 


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