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posted : 2010.Jan.28 @ 6.25am 

posted : 2010.Feb.06 @ 9.20pm

 A cartoon based on a Armenian tale.


posted : 2010.Feb.16 @ 4.30pm




posted : 2010.Mar.01 @ 6.26pm

posted : 2010.Mar.12 @ 12.59am

For those that do not know the story of Doc Ellis. He was the pitcher for the Pirates and in 1970 he threw a no hitter against the Padres while on LSD.

Interestingly enough, his name on the roster is listed as Ellis, D.


Here is Doc telling that story Smile




and here is a funny bit Robin Williams did about Doc



posted : 2010.Apr.04 @ 7.10am

posted : 2010.Apr.16 @ 8.30pm

posted : 2010.May.12 @ 1.23pm

A trippy bird, able to mimic any sounds it hears. Including cameras! 




posted : 2010.May.15 @ 11.05am
 Jim Carrey awakening

posted : 2010.May.24 @ 7.00pm

posted : 2010.May.27 @ 6.31am
I like this room/box - it is da PARTY room and it deserves to be in the Air's house for the house warming parte' Smile

posted : 2010.May.27 @ 7.41pm

this is a super fun and exciting look into a mind on heartfelt fractal logic

which may seem not the case at first, but i have sometimes noticed

something that seems boring and heady at first

comes from somewhere else Smile


on a more clear note, this is ralph abraham chatting with friends

in santa fe in 2003 about the noosphere and cybersphere



Cybersphere Evolution from Ralph Abraham on Vimeo.

posted : 2010.Jun.03 @ 9.06am


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