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posted : 2010.Jan.14 @ 5.14pm

Salutations from the Emerald 206!


Seattle local, Galactic distant, warrior of light, keeper of balance -- through visual enlightenment towards the coming of Shamballah -- my name is Alex Musgrave. 

Like many of you, I'm a professional Fibonacci geekologist, digging deep beyond space/time to re-envision geometric, fractal harmonies, visually recreating in effort of awakening the divine within.


The time is now, as it is the only moment.  


This has been a long now coming, as Geo, Agape, and Yodelheck have been slightly pressuring me to post my work on the Pod for over 6 months. 

I'm honored to be sharing here... 


So, here's a drop of my creations from the earth 2009 year, as well as a piece I just finished in turn of the Solar Eclipse of 2010. 

There is micro intention within the macro; though a scalar holographic reflection, differing in degrees. If you'd like to know more of such intentions, please ask.





Galactic Ripples







From the Depths



Ushiki's Pheonix in Crimson Bloom 



 Elemental Honor



 Cosmic Dorje



Discovery: Rebirth 




Herbal Contract, Galactic Contact



Entering Yesodian Equinox: Post Hod Breakdown



Crystal Atmos-Spheres . A tribute to Androcell. 




Passionate Formulation in Netzach






Blooming Heptarchical



Fractal Traverse



Flower Flare Burst




Crossing the Abyss




Over the Abyss



 Three Triple Mother One




posted : 2010.Jan.14 @ 6.33pm



Thanks for sharing. Stunning work indeed. 

posted : 2010.Jan.14 @ 7.50pm

Thank you sir; most welcome!


I should add for depth of the work : Most of these are Kabbalah inspired through deep study and meditation.


Much of my 2010 work will portray my journey in studies of the 22 paths connecting the 10 Sephiroh 

posted : 2010.Jan.16 @ 10.01am

hey musko,


I really enjoy your Over The Abyss piece.

Something so realistic and familiar about it.

It looks like a scene from a movie or something, perhaps the movie in my soul ?

some angel looking in from another dimension, the veil thinning and reflecting light.

posted : 2010.Feb.14 @ 7.51pm



Funny, while reading your post I experienced an intriguing deja-vu... 


That piece was part of a vision I completed having as I crossed the abyss into the supernal triad, where I resided for a mere 20 minutes before forced to lower my vibration. Difficult to depict all colors combined and yet separate simultaneously... the whole holographic paradox thing, ya know Wink


This also represents the coming of Shamballah in 2012.

posted : 2010.Feb.15 @ 5.08am

Musko! Welcome here bro, and thanks for sharing this work.


You're very tapped into the ascension frequency.

I love some of these pieces (esp. Galactik Ripples, RF621, Over the Abyss) - very magnitizing.


I beleive simplifying will be good for your feng shui.


I'm lookin forward to your work in 2010 -

sure it will only get more sophisticated and more sexy...

 you're onto something.



posted : 2010.Feb.15 @ 7.41am

Very nice work!  I think I may have fallin in love with RF621 Very Happy

Looking forward to more works! 

posted : 2010.Feb.19 @ 7.03am
Namaste Bro, congrats on your first Drop! Smile  How's life back in Seatown?

Loving your work.  My favorites are Galactic Ripples, RF621, Galactigaia and Over the Abyss.  Very slick rendering on the Galactigaia petals, feels like I could just run my fingers over the surface.  Over the Abyss is a particularly strong concept with very intricate detail, love it.

In keeping with fora etiquette, I'll spark a dialogue with regard to constructive feedback.  The above four pieces leap out at me because I think they've got the strongest color schemes.  I know that your pieces are coming from authentic experiences and Kabbalstic iconography that you want to be true to, so keep following your intution, but a stronger application of color theory will really make your pieces sing.  Remember that warm colors and more saturated colors pull forward and dominate, while cooler colors recede.  Some of your warmer pieces have bright reds that diffuse the flow of attention around the piece instead of empowering the initial impact of the focal point.  Same concept with white and black values and saturation; white pulls foward (powerfully) and black recedes.  The focal point will always be the point of highest contrast between the two.  Over the Abyss really takes advantage of this, the bright focal point POPS, especially since it also has the highest saturation.  Just some food for thought.
I was very happy to hear from Jael that you're cranking the abundance meter!  I bet that will be quite the boon to your lenticular aspirations... Keep rocking the flow man.  Bowz to the Way. Smile


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