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posted : 2009.Nov.18 @ 5.47pm


I posted the slide show, because I am always putting up new pics, this way the post will stay up to date.

Hit me up on facebook!

posted : 2009.Nov.18 @ 7.17pm

Nice work.  I really like the "hour glass" type piece you are holding in your hand in one of those pictures. Those other pendants are really nice too. 

Aside from what is posted on your website, do you have any other pieces for sale? 



posted : 2009.Nov.18 @ 8.28pm



Most of my work is by custom order so it is sold befor eI make it.

When I make pieces that are for sale I post them on my facebook feed with a price. 

You can browse my facebook photo galleries as well, the pieces have prices listed in thier description.


I would be happy to make you a piece of your specifications and mail it to you.

msg me on facebook and we can get something going  Smile

thanks for the interest!

posted : 2009.Nov.28 @ 5.25pm
Beautiful, I really liked pendants... all the stuff is great and very creative use of differnt materials. Tech with a twist of earthly...

posted : 2010.Jan.14 @ 7.37pm

These are way beautiful man... 


When you return from the gem haggle, I'd like to commission you to create me a pendent...  

posted : 2010.Jan.15 @ 2.01pm

Sounds like a plan.

Once I get down to the Tucon Gem Show I will be posting daily pictures again on my twitter feed.

posted : 2010.Feb.19 @ 9.02pm
I dig how the lapis/petiersite in your rings resembles the earth from space.  It's like the fate of the world is resting on your hands!


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