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posted : 2009.Dec.24 @ 10.38am

Nirvana by Olivia Curry


I have a larger image at my blog


It's a combination of 7 Alchemy pieces I put together to achieve Nirvana Wink 

posted : 2009.Dec.25 @ 9.20am

Unicorn Nebula


Unicorn Nebula Smile

 an Alchemy/photoshop piece.... 


larger image here: 

posted : 2010.Jan.14 @ 7.28pm
Could you be a little more finite as to what you're implying by "Alchemy" piece? Is there a concept you're trying to achieve? 

posted : 2010.Jan.17 @ 10.38am

Right on, the art is great,

but I am with Musko and his quesion...

(just curious here)

posted : 2010.Jan.17 @ 12.38pm
I believe she is referring to Alchemy  


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