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posted : 2009.Sep.20 @ 8.21am

I love vector art and create a lot with Illustrator. Some time ago i discovered an interesting approach to Illustration. Though there are tools in Illustrator that imitate drawing, the main way to create is through using a PEN tool. If you ever tried it, you can understand, that this is not the most flowy way of making art. One may call it more mathematical, as you need to think through  vector angles and pairing shapes, combining them and cutting out pieces.

One day (it might be something well known to you, but i discovered it for myself) I used a KNIFE tool to cut one of the shapes, and suddenly it came to me - why not try to draw, cutting shapes out of the square form!!!???!!! so I tried...


I am not sure if anyone is interested much in seeing it Smile, so for now I will post one of my KNIFE creations. I have more of course... (well I am also out of time - son Jake is calling! can't ignore him)






it's rather stylistic looking art... i like doing it and it's a different way of drawing.

posted : 2009.Sep.27 @ 12.55pm

r-right.... i see that a there were a few clicks, and so far no comments. posting a few more then. just hoping that

someone likes it a bit (or not?!) Smile

























posted : 2009.Oct.10 @ 7.23pm
I am really diggin on the horse and all of the faces. Love the colors. So vibrant.

posted : 2009.Oct.12 @ 2.47pm

They look cool, dman. Very colorful. And you can never go wrong with flying dragons.

I think if you added some more gradients to the images it would bring more dimension to them, that is my only crit.

Everytime I open Illustrator for artistic purposes I always end up going back to Photoshop, so Illustrator is a tool I would like to be more comfortable using.

Speaking of vector wizardry, where is Phong's drop in this thread?



posted : 2009.Oct.12 @ 4.21pm

He-he... thanx guys. I have other works I am going to post soon. I agree about gradients and will try to implement more, but there is a bit of a technical nuance, that makes it difficult to just use it. As you see I presented here works that are not just Illustrator created, but created with particular tool. It's fun thing to do, but it has its limitations as well.

And Phong... he's in the league of his own, I tell ya. Although I technically can do what he does, his mind works in a different way altogether.

posted : 2009.Oct.13 @ 10.11am
I love the way you treat the computer like a sketchbook. Just the basic raw tools and the work always comes out original and great.

posted : 2009.Dec.10 @ 10.16am

I would like to see the latest works you made!

Did you make some with gradients thrown in as well, if at all possible?

posted : 2009.Dec.31 @ 10.18am

sufkop, to answer your question - yes, you can use gradients (and I have some work with them), but have to remember  that cutting them gives you another sub-gradient and if most of the times you can just fill it with another colour, it may get confusing at times. But in general it works fine and does the job. I will post more works very soon, but for now a quick New Year creation.




 Happy New Year, vector lovers Smile

posted : 2009.Dec.31 @ 9.05pm

And this one is for the year of Tiger



posted : 2010.Jan.01 @ 8.47am

my version of ... you know what Smile


posted : 2010.Jan.01 @ 9.42am

The Tiger is Super Cool!


Happy New Year! 

posted : 2010.Jan.14 @ 7.22pm

You're conceptual approach and use of the Knife tool is really intriguing -- it never occurred to me to use it in that fashion haha! For the tool use/style it's neat work. Super simplified and reminds me coloring-book comic style. Have you thought about adding more depth into the pieces? 


This style has some potential. Granted, I wouldn't want to spend my time with it, I honor you for tackling the approach Wink 

posted : 2010.Jan.17 @ 10.33am

Well, thanx for the comments, everyone.

As far as more depth, Musko.. I don't even know, whether it's possible or not. All I can say is that i can post more and  you may decide. This style has it's limitations and plenty of them. It's definitely more conceptual and stylistic and some of the peaces do look like 'colour me' book for kids... I guess... I don't know how, but it comes to me and I create using this seemingly absurd tool. Smile

I try to push it, but it's in detail where I can really improve the depth, I'd say.

Be the judge!
















more to follow, peeps     lol







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