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posted : 2009.Dec.25 @ 10.59pm








Pod celebrates the splendor of this seasons visionary convergence. Join us on January 9 in Los Angeles when the Temple of Visions dives onto the Los Angeles art scene with a new 2500 sq. ft. gallery & sacred space. Helmed by downtown resident & art scene regular Jimmy Bleyer, Temple of Visions seeks to bridge International visionary culture with the Los Angeles art world.
The gallery of contemporary spiritual art will feature two permanent installations. In the main gallery, Dreaming Co:nexus, a collaborative group from the Pacific Northwest, will build a luscious and natural Earth Temple. Progressing through the gallery, you will find the Galactic Temple performance space, created by San Francisco Pod's Own artist XAVI. Additionally, the gallery contains a guest curator’s salon, retail & print store, a raw food bar, and a 500 sq ft malleable space for special events, live art, etc. 


The Earth Temple will house the opening group show, ‘Womb of Creation’, with participating luminaries from around the world including: Martina Hoffmann, Robert Venosa, Mars-1, Oliver Vernon, HR Giger, Mark Henson, Amanda Sage, Adam Scott Miller, Carey Thompson, Satoshi Sakamoto, Leo Plaw, David Heskin, Aloria Weaver, Raul Cassillas, Autumn Skye Morrison & many more. TOV is proud to be leading the charge into Los Angeles with this exciting cross section of a global movement that has yet to be fully represented here. Jimmy & the Temple make it their mission to raise awareness of this positive, transformative, revealing art.
In addition, Pod's own digital visionary ANDROID JONES contributes with a guest curated digital salon and large scale outdoor projections. Local favorite SHRINE will team up with powerhouse painter Amanda Sage for a mural in the back gallery.
The Gallery seeks to create a spectacular environment that will bring people together in admiration of art, and in transformation of self and community. In addition to quarterly epics, the Temple will feature a monthly music & visionary culture party, a ‘boutique concert series’, and several consciousness raising classes, workshops, and lectures from the galactic pulpit.
The opening night will be a huge celebration, with neighbors & friends The Hive Gallery & Studios opening on the same night. A single ticket gets you in both explosive shows. Together, the galleries seek to make the 700 block of Spring Street a must-visit destination for art loving Angelinos and visitors alike. For more information on the Hive, visit

“The Temple is inside”
January 9, 2010 from 8:00pm-1:00am
719 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014
15.00 includes entry to The Hive Gallery


•        •       •

Jimmy Bleyer


posted : 2010.Jan.08 @ 7.44pm

the show is podular to the extreme!!


XAVI is here rocking a HUGE mural on three walls

a clear evolution on what I have seen him do large scale before

cant wait for people to get a taste of this wonder


ANDREW JONES just arrived and is curating an amazing array of digital art

for one of the rooms in this true temple of a gallery space

nestled in the very heart of downtown LA on Gallery Row


while we wait for the arrival of PHONG 

who brings the ness to bless 

we all have our fingers crossed for an appearance from AARON RIX

which would make this epic convergence a full flight experience


come join us for the opening tommorrow night

or peep the show over the next couple of months


posted : 2010.Jan.09 @ 3.24am

((((( Awe ))))))


I'd so be there if I could.


Thanks for helping me be there in spirit Delvin. Im sending cosmic love.


I hope you take pictures.



posted : 2010.Jan.09 @ 11.17am

Energy builds as incredible artists from across North America converge to celebrate the visionary life in downtown LA. This epic collaboration of energies is connecting to co-create the newest vehicle for visionary art culture.

Passing through the sacred symmetry of gold leafed splendor by David Heskin and Aloria Weaver of the Dreaming Co:nexus, one comes face to face with to the larger than life mural reflecting the immaculately inspired imagination brought into being by Xavi. Beyond this, Shrine and Amanda Sage bring the magic to new heights with their seamless pigmentations.

Hanging on the walls is a multiverse of visionary landscapes and lightforms, textures and telemetries, beings, entities and avatars, a colorful collection brought by amazing artists from around the world.

The Temple of Visions group show will hang until march 13.


Pictures and full download coming soon...

posted : 2010.Jan.09 @ 1.03pm

I'm hopping on the road soon for the trek North.

OG pod co-founder Rychard Cooper will accompany me.


Podcalypse 2010 in effect.

posted : 2010.Jan.11 @ 12.04am



Looking at these photos is one of the most incredible art experiences I have had in a LONG time.


It deeply reinspires me to continue back on the art path. 


Amazing new artists that I've never heard of !!!

New misch technique masterpieces that seem more beautiful than anything I've seen! 

All my bestest podular buddies THERE to represent while it's happening!


And best of all... 3 HUGE WALLS OF NEW XAVI EPIC NESS !!! Wow wow wow, I am so excited and happy.


Thank you so much, Universe, for this existing Smile Now I must internalize and integrate my intense thrill into the focused energy of direct support of these artists... mainly through hopefully buying canvas prints especially of XAVI's new work, my God I hope it will be possible!


YAY Smile 

posted : 2010.Jan.11 @ 4.20pm

The pics she is talking about are up on Rychard's blog.

Full spectral shout outs to the Temple of Visions crew!!!

Go see this show!  Amazing space and amazing art.


Many sweet tags occured, like this one in front of Xavi's new masterpiece.


posted : 2010.Jan.14 @ 4.10pm

haha - nice bonus shots.


Sorry for not crediting Rychard there! I was just so excited Smile


Delvin I like your new rainbow shirt, and Phong really does look like an anime character!!! Although he already did of course. 


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