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posted : 2009.May.08 @ 9.30am

Thanks Erik.


I like how you ponited out the "humming birds" or as I call them, the "sparks".

They really do have a humming bird quality, and appear in other pieces sometimes as whispy lines of energy with 'wings'.

I actually see these things in my waking state often as colorful sparks that seem to flutter in and out of pysical existence.



posted : 2009.May.19 @ 11.44am
Hi Simon

I've not meet you yet but I'm a huge fan

I was hoping you could post a photo or two of some of your activation series if not all of them

Maybe one with you standing next to the piece?

I'd like very much to purchase a print of one this summer in a month or two.

I'm sure the metallics make the original piece breathtaking!

Nice Work!


posted : 2009.May.20 @ 3.20pm

Hey Alex,


thanks for all your kind words!


The activation series are certaintly something else to see in real D.

the metallic paint has different irridecent qualities depending on the evnrionmental lighting.


I don't have any pictures with me beside one,

but here they are, as per your request. (in order of completion)




 acrylic painting on canvas

"Activation Portal #2"   -  16"x20"  -  2004



acrylic painting on canvas

"Blossoming Activation"  -  24"x36"  -   2005



acrylic on canvas

"Endless Activation"   -  22"x22"  -  2008




posted : 2009.Dec.13 @ 11.02am

I guess it's been awhile since I last posted some art.

So here we go..

Still working in the digital, I have some oil paintings on the back burner... 


digital painting

"Your Majesty" ( Roberts Creek, BC )

a little homage to the majesty of the magical forests in Roberts Creek. This one is another where I've taken a photo of mine and blurred it out heavy so that it creates a sillouetted underpainting, then I make my own new scene on top, using the colors and shapes left from the photo.


digital paintingh

 "Root Skin"

This is a quicky, as you can see.. just for fun. It was actually a touch up of an old sketch I did last year.

I actually really like the smeary blended and quick look in this one.




This is a clip for a client project I did last spring, for a rainbow body animation of Padmasambhava.

They only wanted it 10 seconds.. but I couldn't help but make it longer.. still seems short to me.

I just added the audio on my own.. thus only posting it now with some more substance.






posted : 2009.Dec.13 @ 5.14pm

Nice post as always, Simon. 

Your Majesty is really nice.

That animation is really nice too.  What did you use for that "tie dye" like effect towards the end? Is that fractal noise with something else?

I really like the motion art you do, you have unique techniques. 

posted : 2009.Dec.14 @ 8.54am

Thanks Erik.


The motion peice was animated in After Effects.

The end 'tie dye' part as you refer to it as,

was done using a few different effects combined.


I think one was using a star shape mask over a Colorama effect on a solid.

then using some particle effects from Particle Illusion software as well.

And also a bit of Trapcode Form in After Effects.



posted : 2009.Dec.14 @ 8.06pm
Eric, That piece of the forest is stupid dope! I'm lovin the iterations in the trees. Keep up the great work man!

posted : 2009.Dec.16 @ 6.27am
 Simon! Your work is beautiful!  I can feel the energy pulsating through the trees Smile

posted : 2010.Jan.14 @ 10.48am

A few more newbies..


mixed media painting

Sanctuary - mixed media


mixed media painting

Clover Grove - mixed media


mixed media

Inside Clover Grove - mixed media


This last one has the lighting effects done in After Effects, so there's room for animation potential.. hmmm..?? we'll see.


All of these started as a photo at some point.

The Clover Grove couple is drastically changed, whereas Sanctuary is only a bit.. sort of like a Matte Painting.

I have more ideas for Clover Grove. I'm interested in hearing feedback/critique on any of this.





posted : 2010.Jan.14 @ 11.58am

Damn brother, those are gorgeous!  Loving the evolution towards the more natural!


'Your Majesty' and 'Sanctuary' are both stunning.  I love it...

posted : 2010.Jan.14 @ 3.54pm
Wow man, these are FRESH! Your style is becoming so much more refined with atmospheric nuances. Thanks for sharing these up~

posted : 2010.Jan.16 @ 9.54am

hey.. thanks guys.

Even, "Your Majesty" is from a special spot out here in Roberts Creek.

posted : 2010.Feb.19 @ 8.53pm
Looks great Si, I like your use of the red/green vibratory resonance in your latest forests.  Those trunks look like they're about to come alive with serpentine motion. The addition of the bird is a nice touch, maybe you could running with that idea and add some focal critters to future forests?  I wish I could see your animation, alas this here terminal in Rishikesh can't hack it Smile  I'll look forward to checking it out when I'm hooked up with a better connection.  Bowz to your flow!


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