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posted : 2010.Jan.14 @ 1.43pm

beebo originals


Furry, feathers, hoodies, funky, cuffs, utility, flow, collars, unique, vests, sexy, belts, faux fur, hat, pockets, bustle, skirt, apparel, clothing, womens, girls, ladies, sewing, beebo originals, clothing, accessories, Burning Man.




This punky vest is made with super soft and spikey black long pile faux fur fully lined with black velboa short pile faux fur for a dramatic and versatile combination! All my hoodie vests are completely reversible so you can be full on furry or a little more conservative! Super cute and sexy cropped vest with my signature pointed hood to keep you warm *and* show a little skin or that cute outfit underneath! Wear over your long sleeves for extra warmth!! Fully reversible - black shaggy long pile fur lined with black on black wave patterned short pile fur
Hand made with love and high quality materials on an industrial sewing machine.



Utility Belts

More fashion with just as much utility, a beautiful dark brown weathered but shiny leather utility belt with just enough pocket for the essentials, and extra skirt for that fanciful flair.

All accessories snap on and off from the belt and can be worn many different ways! Pocket(s) can be worn on the back of the belt or on either side, wear one bustle skirt or layer multiples together for more flounce!  Looking for a more practical down and dirty kind of functionality? – skip the bustle and put on some more pockets!  Want something simple?  - just add one small pocket for the basics and enjoy your hands free experience!

What you get in this mix-and-match kit:
(1) Belt with snap detail (multiple snaps for adjustability in size)

PLUS Your choice of 2 accessories

-          Small gusseted pocket w/ snap closure (big enough for iPhone, a key, and some money/credit cards)

-          Larger gusseted pocket (for wallet, keys, etc)

-          Flat pocket for phone or other slim items

-          Dark brown sheer w/ shiny dots and contrast serged edges (those dark spots in the picture actually reflect light in beautiful rainbows that the photos just can't do justice)

-          Dark brown satin bustle skirt with three snaps to attach to the belt in many ways

-          Hair on Cow-hide scrap “skirt” for a nice textural accent on hip or backside

+ many of the extra bits you need to attach multiple items to one snap and move the pockets and skirts to wherever you want!



 Other stuffcollar



More items at the Etsy Store.




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