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posted : 2006.Mar.13 @ 10.16am

greetings all,

this the first official post in the audial universe here

» white girls in saris
» solar unity

you can also download a dj mix from here

» cube



posted : 2006.Mar.13 @ 7.24pm
holy elevated good:ness
these sounds are soooo tasty
eye love it all. white girls in saris is beautiful

many blessings to you, akhentek
thank you for sharing your flow with the pod

posted : 2006.Mar.14 @ 10.08am
akhentek got me my first dj gig at the tea house in vancouver about
5 years ago. quite the trip he is.

you won't find many people more dedicated to musika (specifically psy-trance)
than this guy. if you get a chance to see him spin do eeet.

doktor J

posted : 2006.Mar.14 @ 12.31pm
Excellent production skills on saris, welcome to the pod!

posted : 2006.Mar.14 @ 1.47pm
thank you for the visual upgradez air

feeling humbled by all the feedback
your reflexions are truly meaningful Smile

deepest blessings to all,


posted : 2006.Mar.14 @ 1.55pm

cultural observation.
digital mastry
inviting the flow.
carving the way with
legions of intricate knobs
keys and sliders.

translating the vision
sharing the ness.

great tracks

they're headed for the pod:radio
as soon as that flow continues.

posted : 2006.Mar.15 @ 1.00pm
Wonderful loopage.

Ear-drum ecstasis Very Happy

posted : 2006.Mar.17 @ 1.58am
i much enjoyed Wink


posted : 2009.Dec.13 @ 5.34pm
i love it Very Happy

posted : 2009.Dec.14 @ 6.20am
Thank You Smile


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