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posted : 2009.Dec.13 @ 11.01am


Hey everyone, I'm an author and podcaster, I just started a new podcast on the world's largest counter-culture podcast network ( - over 2 million downloads to date). The first episode was a big success and the second is airing on Wednesday the 16th on and iTunes. 


I'm a big fan of pod collective and actually found the cover to my first novel on here (Snail Logic by Mark Henson) - as a young artist I found marketing my novel quite a task, beautiful but difficult too. I always wished there was a platform for people to discuss their work and spread the word about their artistic perspective, so I decided to create it myself. My first guest was the author and scientist David Jay Brown and the guest in the upcoming episode is the psybiance producer Capsula. 


I have had a good response from up and coming visual artists but I'm always looking for more people to interview. The podcast will be an enhanced podcast after the new year, which means visual artists will be able to have their work synced into the file so that when we're dicussing it the listeners can see it. 


The catch is you have to be willing to talk in detail about your work, your creative process, the sublime, the nature of creativity, pretty much anything related to visionary art. If you're not comfortable doing this then you might not make a good guest for the listeners, which isn't to say I won't feature your art in some other way though, that's really what it's all about!


You can listen to the first episode here:


Or you can visit my website and scroll down to the bottom to click the big VAP button (it's hard to miss)


If you're interested, email me at with a link to your art and we'll see what we can synergise together Smile 




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