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posted : 2007.May.08 @ 4.22pm
i love the idea of making artwork
that is completely integrated with nature
in one way or another

in bolivia i did several things like this

the first was an altar to the goddess, for a long dance medicine ceremony :

after that i did some rock paintings
in trade for a long diet that i did in the jungle

i am waiting on photos of the many others that i created
for now, here are the ones that were captured :

look forward to posting and seeing more!

silverbirch boughs deep into the earth

posted : 2007.May.08 @ 4.26pm
click on the photo below
to see a thread filled with such artwork :

posted : 2007.May.23 @ 9.23am
totally great silverbirch!
The rock paintings have a great resonance with me.
What a strange being we are, in this cyber-potato chip
culture...out in the embrace of the natural
world, I am becalmed.
I think it's telling of a deep reverence that the paintings
are in part a response for having gone through a diet.
Wow, thank you
Looking forward to the continuation Smile

posted : 2007.Jul.08 @ 9.52am

new photos from the jungle : finally!

posted : 2009.Dec.09 @ 5.52am

A random image I found on the web. Made with Dirt/Wood/Hands.


Sand Art

posted : 2009.Dec.09 @ 6.47am
That's amazing!


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