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posted : 2009.Nov.12 @ 2.46am

Artistic progressions

I am going to use this thread to share my artworx.

I am experimenting with new things and have been inpired to create art lately so I intend for this thread to have a positive progression of technique and style.






The Bio-Psyche Search Pod

Model Number 2012







posted : 2009.Nov.12 @ 5.31am

very interessting piece of bio-engineering 

could use a bit more color imo, red & gray is good but lack a bit of... i dunno.

Can i ask with what its made?

posted : 2009.Nov.12 @ 10.57am

Thanks, more color will be on the next search pod for sure, I was feeling the monochromatic + 1 vibe on this bot.

The bio-tech itself is made of a durable carbon-pixel composite

Maya, zBrush, Photoshop and a wee bit of After Effects were used to create it. 

posted : 2009.Nov.13 @ 2.32am

A young galaxy creator in the embryonic stage.










posted : 2009.Nov.14 @ 2.45am

A fully activated galaxy creator.








posted : 2009.Nov.14 @ 3.25am

these appear to be interdimensional pollinating devices.

i wonder what's flowin through those tubes?

take it to the n3x7 13v31!

posted : 2009.Nov.16 @ 7.45pm
I'm drawn to the little buds with blue lights in the center on that last vessel. More colors!! What software are you using?

posted : 2009.Nov.17 @ 3.00pm

Erik I know the new Zbrush has a new awesome feature where you can paint zspheres easily and make some crazy muscle and tentacle systems with them.  I don't know if that is what your using but I would check it out Wink

Nice work though Smile   

posted : 2009.Nov.17 @ 3.40pm

Thanks, Podlings


 Phong - "interdimensional pollinating devices" I love it.  The next level is on the way.


Yodelheck - More colors are in route to this dimension as we speak.  Maya, zBrush, Photoshop and After Effects were used to make these. 


Kala - I am eagerly waiting for Pixologic to release zBrush 3.5 for the Mac platform. I can't wait to use the new zSpheres! I am sure Pixologic is working on Snow Leopard and 64 bit compatibility - hence the delay - but they always come through big time for their users.  Now if only Autodesk could mimic this business model


More to come... 

posted : 2009.Nov.17 @ 10.36pm
I'm sure it wont be long until Autodesk gets there.  They are taking over the 3D world.

posted : 2009.Nov.28 @ 4.04am

Here is a practice sculpt-sketch from today.  Families that time travel together, stay together. 





posted : 2009.Nov.29 @ 2.00am

Another practice session from this evening. 






posted : 2009.Dec.01 @ 1.08am

Another damn alien. Same model used in the previous two posts - minus the details and rendered differently. 







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