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posted : 2009.Oct.22 @ 10.31am

Dman just delivered his Mona Lisa.


Well done. 

posted : 2009.Oct.27 @ 4.05pm

I certainly hope there's room for improvement, g, but thanx anyway. I do like it as well...



now, this one was a biaaaaa...h! no tripod Sad and i must say, this is not exactly THE time to make Panoramic shot. About 3 hrs before would make a nice difference. The sky, the lights... all lot more balanced. But, me, I wasn't bloody there, so here it is - the NIGHT shot.

(1st night pan for me) 

posted : 2009.Nov.07 @ 10.36pm

Nice one, dMan! London at night is looking nice.

No tripod? You must have some steady hands because it looks crisp.


Here is a perspective I have probably posted too much, but the sky was looking sweet tonight.

This is a 180 degree pano.







posted : 2009.Nov.08 @ 2.03pm

Erik those colors are awesome 


I dont think I'll ever get tired of seeing hawaii. Even if it is Waikiki. LOL!


Thanks for pictures everybody. 

posted : 2009.Nov.10 @ 10.24am

WOW i'm certainly jealous of this pano ! i can even feel the ocean mouvement by looking at the curvy horizon.


posted : 2009.Nov.28 @ 3.44pm

We-he-ll, Erik, by the very nature of the panoramic wavy effect in this case, you really managed to catch the wavy effect of the ocean movement. I t worked perfectly together in this photo Smile [I can tell you that it doesn't work so great every time].


Here's mine of York and beyond... (i must admit this panorama is not all that exciting, but it is what it is I guess)


posted : 2009.Nov.28 @ 6.43pm

damn dMan!

And the award for longest panorama in the world goes to...

posted : 2009.Nov.28 @ 8.14pm
The funniest thing about it, is that I didn't realize how long that was until i'd finished the panorama... ha-ha... if it's not the most exciting, it is sure the longest one. You got me... Places like York are fine within the old centre only. The rest is ...well, check the panorama shot! Smile

posted : 2009.Dec.03 @ 8.57am
Blacks Beach, La Jolla, CA
Fisheye lens and Autopano software.
Click the hotspots in the VR to go to a different location on the beach.

posted : 2009.Dec.03 @ 11.16am
Nice one, Sandbag. Taking the panos to the next level. 

posted : 2010.Mar.16 @ 8.33pm

Sandy! Damn you, man!!! This is a good pano-post... I like belly-button-starfish point when camera looks

all the way down. You are like supa tech, man. Bow!


My latest shot of Samui's North shore. Pan starts from the sea side and  there you can see a bit of Koh Phangan

(the Full Moon island - actually it's pretty much the location of the Full Moon beach there on the photo) and a small

tween island Koh Som where I had a few photo shoots for one of the clients awhile ago. Following it, is Koh Samui

and just down the beach famous Big Buddha temple (golden statue with a wheel sorta thingy on the back). A bit

down it's a Seatran ferry pier with all the boats around...

There u go, podsters.



posted : 2010.Mar.17 @ 3.20am

Nice livin, Dman. Looks good over there.


On the day we had a tsunami warning we got as high up as we could get to ride it out Smile


posted : 2010.Mar.17 @ 7.53am

Erik!!! Du-uu-uude!!! You totally stole my "longest ever panorama" award... Sad    Yours is like 360 +

Comon! I can't beat it, and you know it. Are you laughing right now???

He-he, man, some good stuff. I like this view. It's unusual and certainly only a few people have a chance to see the island

from up there. So, thanx fo the love.

About my pics. You absolutely got it - noninvasive HDR is the best HDR in the world. I still love the contrasty nice shots, and my way

has got it all kinda,detail and good level of dark and light. It's not perfect of course, but I like it this way. Thanks for noticing it. 

You da ma-aa-an!

I've got more stuff, you know that?! Right?!!! Smile   ...................................


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