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posted : 2009.Jun.19 @ 9.32am

Testing out a program called "ArtRage". It's basically sort of an oil paint simulator similar to Corel Painter...only it's only $25.00 (!!) for the full version.

Just freestyling...playing with the brushes...


Pretty Smile....





posted : 2009.Jun.28 @ 10.56am

Dusty... ma-an... you are all bloody gore, but it's so slimy and real! keep it goin, dude. Every time i see your art i try to touch the screen to wipe off wet stuff.



here's my photoshop free hander:

posted : 2009.Jul.13 @ 8.16pm

Flower girl


Fractal Flower 

posted : 2009.Jul.13 @ 8.32pm

Spiral into the eye.


spiral into the eye.. 

posted : 2009.Sep.20 @ 7.54am
Oh, I like it!!! Flower girl is my favourite!!! Great tribalish approach. I wonder if mr. Air could colour it?! Not that it has to be coloured, but he can do magic with colours... Anyway, it's dope sketch, Kala!

posted : 2009.Sep.22 @ 8.59pm
A couple rough edges....

posted : 2009.Oct.05 @ 9.45pm

posted : 2009.Oct.10 @ 8.33pm

A coffee house sketch that digitally dreamed itself into a sculpture....


posted : 2009.Oct.16 @ 9.04am

Excellent piece Air!  Is that Photshop or did you dive into Maya?


God it's been a while since I was here... 

posted : 2009.Oct.16 @ 12.41pm

Spence, I scanned this sketch and used curves in PS to get the shapes.

I suck at curves so it's not bang on.  Then I just used gradients and the airbrush.

It has an image of marble as an overlay and I ran a distort filter on that with a value map.


posted : 2009.Oct.17 @ 8.17pm

posted : 2009.Oct.25 @ 12.15pm

antwan, some crazy living vortex. have u ever tried to ink it?




posted : 2009.Oct.26 @ 9.07am

Pop Fizz Check This Shizz..


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