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posted : 2009.Oct.15 @ 9.50am

It's a little spammy...but it's so totally worth it. And I encourage everyone here to participate.


It all started here, at


Basically, the gist is some random guy came out of nowhere and posted his (pretty simplistically drawn) character, “Nibru”, asking everyone to draw it. Normally, this would have probably been met with 2-3 replies telling him that the thread is dumb or making some snarky comment about “Why would I draw your character when I don’t even have time in my busy life to do all of mine”, etc.


Right out of the gate, though, the first couple responses were professional artists drawing up their rendition of this Nibru character and it went completely out of control. The thread is now 10 pages long, tons of interpretations in tons of styles (someone even made a plushie!) and a lot of people who have never posted on the forum.


If you fancy a doodle later on tonight when you are bored…you might be surprised how quickly Nibru inspires you.

(Or if you don’t want to draw something, at least look at the thread. It’s a good cheer-me-up kinda thing).



posted : 2009.Oct.15 @ 6.11pm
This thread is endless entertainment. I did a quick sketch at my desk before I went home. I'll scan and post it in the morning.

posted : 2009.Oct.16 @ 10.05am

indeed, i was agreably impress by the reaction of the peep over art CA.

its not often you can see people acting like intelligent human here on the in-ter-net.



posted : 2009.Oct.16 @ 10.09am

posted : 2009.Oct.16 @ 11.06am

Awesome. Nibru's spore has taken growth here too. That's a great thread, very inspiring.

Nice one gfro.

posted : 2009.Oct.17 @ 12.16am
Dude, that is awesome....did you post it in the thread? If you haven't, start an account and do so!

posted : 2009.Nov.14 @ 4.40am

good one G!

But I didn't see it on Conceptart...?!

Are you like... SHY or something??? Smile

posted : 2009.Nov.23 @ 1.55pm
I ended up posting it for him. :p


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