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index « events « Shambhala - Visionary Art Gallery 2009

posted : 2009.Sep.07 @ 10.37am

This is the visionary art gallery, which was located at  the Labyrinth stage, at Shambhala music festival, Aug. 5th-10th.

The gallery has been located in various areas around this stage for the past 6 years, previously curated by Tribe 13, the past 2 years by myself.



collaborative painting, in photo - AutumnSkye Morrison, Simon Haiduk, Raul Casilla,
painting started by AutumnSkye Morrison,


collaboritve painting close up on last day: Artists: AutumSkye Morrison, Raul Casillas, Simon Haiduk, Tessa Rand


Skye and friend in front of Labyrinth Stage


enter gallery....










These photos were taken by Raul Casillas, on of the amazing artists to attend, and showcase in the gallery.

The other attending artists were locals: Autumn Skye Morrison, and Tessa Rand, and myself.

It was a great success this year, with other amazing artists from around the world showing.

Here is the list of all artists:


Simon Haiduk   -
Tessa Rand   -
Raul Casillas  -
Autumn Skye Morrison -
Dennis Konstantin   -
Eric Nez   -
Luke Brown   -
St. Even   -
David Heskin   -
Aloria Weaver   -
Andy Thomas   -
Cody Chancellor   -
Ali   -
Tyler Gentry   -
Padma Samchuk  -
Mark Henson  -
Bonnie Dobbin -
Amanda Sage  -
George Atherton -

Lunaya Shekinah  -

posted : 2009.Sep.14 @ 5.26pm
Amazing! Looks like a lot of fun Smile  I wish I could have been there.

posted : 2009.Sep.22 @ 11.16am

Who did the piece with the hummingbird drinking from the flowers? I tried looking through the sites below but was unable to find it. I really like that piece.

posted : 2009.Sep.24 @ 11.46am

the humming bird pice is by Bonnie Dobbin -

posted : 2009.Sep.29 @ 11.12am

i'm really in love with the 7th photo down,

the piece on the right,

with the two woman who seem to be interconnected opposite's...

oOoOoo... this one gives me the chills. i love it^^


if i may so humbly ask, who is the creater of this?

posted : 2009.Sep.29 @ 11.20am

doh, nevermind Very Happy

wow, i'm excited^^

i love coming to pod life 



it's Autumn Skye Morrison



Thank you for posting the links^^

posted : 2009.Oct.12 @ 10.12am

The art gallery was pretty amazing this year. Was a bit disappointed to see that the GTC was not represented even though i know that Delvin made a humble request to have it there and would have required very little energy to represent. Delvin Solkinson has been a tireless promoter of so many people's art, and has done more than most people i know for distributing and collecting art from people who are also unknown, as well as more known artists like alex grey and robert venosa.


This is one thing i love about podcollective! This site has been amazing in helping many people find their creative wings.



posted : 2009.Oct.12 @ 11.54am



I'm glad you enjoyed the gallery.


Regarding the GTC;

It was represented on my main table for one day and night on Friday, including the holograms.

There were in total about 4 people who even looked at the card packs, and no sales from either the cards or the holograms.

Since the environment was dusty and condusive to damaging products I took them off the table, 

and also made space to represent more merch for artists who were physically attending the event, and needing cash to make their way home.


I don't think the platform of a card deck is very appealing to a broad range of people wanting to purchase art.

My suggestion for sharing international art is in a book platform of some kind.

I understand there is another intent behind the GTC, though again, it doesn't seem that many people are interested in that aspect.


perhaps this could be a discussion for another forum.

something I intend to discuss with Delvin at another time as well.


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