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posted : 2009.Sep.20 @ 4.47pm

April and I were on our way to the 101 Diner in Encinitas when we heard live surf rock coming up the street and tons of people walking around. 

It was the 30th annual Wavecrest Woodie Fest.



































posted : 2009.Sep.21 @ 9.59am
Jewels everyone

awesome wish we still had cars with soul.

posted : 2009.Oct.09 @ 1.21pm
Air, Iove the last shot Smile the most !... simply because it shows the power of you as a photographer (your reflection with this small object in your hand ha-ha). All the shots are great and I pointed out to my girl, that this is how this tiny Canon is to be used properly!!! Great post. Old skool comes out in all it's glory. Smooth and soft colours - these are for a nice coffee-table book.


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