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posted : 2008.Dec.30 @ 2.57pm

I thought I would post the rough draft of an article that I'm writing about complimentary currencies.

Its a PDF for view/download

posted : 2009.Jan.02 @ 2.04am
Good reading. And good ideas. I will have to contemplate this further. I love the concept of open-source, but it's hard to translate that into a currency system. Seems monetary systems last longer if based on an item like gold, rather than ... ?

posted : 2009.Jan.02 @ 12.35pm

sure, this is actually a meta-system, so it is a framework to create a diversity of currencies. One could be backed by gold, one could be backed by carbon offsets, one could be created through volunteer service, etc. and people can design and change them as they find neccessarry, so instead of a currency collapsing due to poor design, it simply evolves!

thanks for reading.

posted : 2009.Oct.05 @ 6.27pm

Just dug this out of the archives and realized it was basically done.


Posted on my blog and datachurch.


Got some great feedback from the folks at the meta:currency project.


Looking for Ruby on Rail programmers to help with the beta version of the currency platform. 


Visionary solution to the financial crisis- p2p currencies backed by sustainability, art, and cultural diversity!






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