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posted : 2009.Mar.04 @ 9.56pm
Hey Justin... awesome new pieces man!  keep em comin'! have you done any new graff outlines lately?

posted : 2009.Apr.25 @ 1.43am

posted : 2009.Apr.30 @ 7.02pm
I love your style Justin. I'd love to have a giant print of the piece with the girl from the first page...or the one with the elephants. I think theyre awesome.

posted : 2009.Apr.30 @ 8.26pm
awesome city scape piece Justin... id love to see some new tags and throws if you have any you want to share... i can give feedback and help you refine their style if you wish too... peace...

posted : 2009.May.26 @ 1.23am
This cityscape is heartstoppingly beautiful, Justin.  It communicates your experience like stepping into a holodeck, I feel like I'm standing there with you.  That buddha logo is super awesome, it shows depth using just a single value.  Makes me want to touch up some screen print designs, thanks for the inspiration Smile

posted : 2009.Sep.22 @ 5.51pm

posted : 2009.Sep.22 @ 7.23pm

Yes! Very Nice!


the combo of photo reality and your digital projects realy does it for me!


Im gonna go and look at them again!

posted : 2009.Sep.22 @ 8.19pm
Lovin it.

posted : 2009.Sep.22 @ 8.29pm
Deep bows, Justin.  Great to see your progress, you are learning your tools and making awesome use of them. I particularly like the 2nd one, that's a style I'd like to develop too.  You make me want to get on home from Symbiosis and make my next drop too.


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