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posted : 2009.Jul.25 @ 12.06pm

I have been slippin' recently with regards to my diet and fitness.

After confessing my sins to Xavi I got the following instructional email.

(Note: Xavi calls bodies Earthships.  Makes sense to me.)


Operation Earthship Assistance

You are to
:   upon waking, chug a good amount of really warm water to prime organs... then prepare the following super smoothy to cleanse and vitalize your reality...  You will do this for 3 days to start, and see how you feel... if after 3 days, your body tells you to eat a solid breakfast, opt for protein, and avoid sugars.
        (if on heavy caffeines)... Taper off of heavy caffeines for at least a week. This will help rebuild crucial yin energy, the energy of cool calm, sustained long term energy,  and give the adrenals and organs a chance to relax and rebuild... This will activate the cleansing of much stagnant energy...

You will
:  eliminate alcohol and excess sugars until such time as your body returns to a more optimal state of balance... taper off if necessary... no need to torture...  keep coffee to a 3 times per week maximum....

Mental Health:  breathe deep and remember higher purpose during moments of discomfort and craving... during painful moments, give yourself big love for making healthy choices ... This will retrain the psyche, and heal old patterns...

Get:  cilantro bunches
         parsley bunches
         dandilion greens... amazing
         ginger root
         bomb green powder
  Into the smoothy blender you will:  put water, and a small splash of fruit juice for taste... add a grip of cilantro, cucumber, dandi greens, half a lemon, various sprouts, parsley, apple, green powder, ginger root

**be careful not to put too much of each green into smoothy, or you will end up with enough smoothy for 3 people Wink

**this smoothy will light you up like the 4th o' juuly!!

   good luck!...  xoxo ~XAVI



Needless to say I was thankful for the love and wisdom.

I went right out and got what I needed to turn the helath bus around!




I used Amazing Grass Green Superfood. The smoothie smells amazing and tastes great.

After a minute you can feel your tempuature start to rise as it goes to work.


Thanks, Xav!




posted : 2009.Jul.25 @ 12.47pm



Thanks for posting,


I did this diet for two months while I lived on the Big Island.  


I drank one day and ate a wholesome dinner.  


I can honestly say its the best I ever felt in my life.


I need to get back to that spot for sure.  



posted : 2009.Jul.25 @ 5.16pm

Who's the Shanti Hippie now, Air!?! Smile

But seriously, we got a vita-mix here at the Fourge recently, and have been blending up our CSA share into green juice every morning- what a serious improvement! The energy in the house is so much lighter and cleaner......which may also be colored by the increased presence of entities of the female persuasion......

posted : 2009.Jul.25 @ 9.26pm
Is this all you are intaking fuel wise for the day? Or is this just replacing breakfast? My Earthship needs some repair work done but I am horrible at fasting. Please advise.

posted : 2009.Jul.26 @ 4.08am

Hey Erik 


To answer your question


Yeah It can totally be great to just do this drink all day


like Air wrote start with water and then do the green smoothie and see how ya feel. Even just one glass a day you feel the difference.


I did this smoothie like 2 times a day and ate things like Bananas, Apples and Chips and Salsa.


Some days I'd make "Master Cleanse Smoothie" Lemons with Maple Syrup and Cheyenne just to mix it up.  


I did break down and made myself Beef Tacos one day while about two week into it and it was NOT fun.


It wasnt painful just uncomfortable. I could feel them slowly moving though me. I ate em for dinner and really couldn't sleep that night.


one thing is, I was two weeks into the diet and I'm was coming to this diet kind of like a Nutrition ReHab.


I grew up with really poor choices of food and It can be really hard to break those habits but you just got keep getting back on it.


I'm no expert mind you, and I really should take my own advise here.


But.... this diet is awesome and you'll feel great. Really, you do get a feel of getting high like 10 minutes after you drink one glass.


4 real!


I love to hear what y'all think. 


posted : 2009.Jul.26 @ 6.16am

Everyone is different.

I don't do well with no solid food.

The smoothie is only going to be my breakfast. 

Yesterday was my first day and for lunch I had sushi,

dinner was beef stew over cous cous.  My metabolism is high and

I am a gym rat, lifting weights 3-4 tiimes a week and doing cardio even more.

At 6'5" and close to 200lbs. there's no way I am getting by on liquids and fruit.

The big difference will be less sugar, caffeine and booze.  I am a hedonist and

am pulling out of a long stretch of it right now.  After this intense period of

total restraint and healing I will most likely return to those things but with

more balance.  Balance and all things in moderation.


Here's an old pod gem that has long been buried.

The Lemon Cleanse thread from 2004.



posted : 2009.Aug.18 @ 4.59pm

Here are some good green smoothie vids.








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