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posted : 2009.Jun.28 @ 5.11am

"The IHC asserts with 94% certainty that "in the year 2012 cataclysmic forces will decimate our planet and much of its inhabitants. Founded by powerful business and former government officials, the Institute has been operating underground for decades. IHC Communications Director Dr. Sorën Ulfert took us through the research endeavors and scientific findings that are the framework for the Institute's claims.

The IHC site seeks not only to help you understand the perilous condition of our planet, but also to provide information on how best to prepare. Our disaster scenarios visually demonstrate what the IHC predicts will happen to the Earth. We also examine forward-looking issues like space colonization and cultural preservation. Perhaps most importantly, the lottery system we've developed ensures each individual an equal chance at survival.

The future is uncertain. That doesn't mean we can't plan for it."


posted : 2009.Jun.29 @ 8.13am

I'm not sure why this would be posted on Pod..?

why is it?


The IHC is a horrible hollywood marketing ploy for the new movie 2012.

A tired re-run concept  from cash conciouss corporate cronies.

I find it sad that there are still so many feeding off this concept of world destruction.

Can't they think of something new and inspiring,

like a peacful world evolution?


- Of course I don't know the full outcome of the movie, but it looks the same as, Deep Impact ( they also had a lotery system ), Day After Tomorrow, Armageddon, etc.. the list goes on. Fancy effects for a flactulent film.



posted : 2009.Jun.29 @ 2.18pm

Reading your reply, I agree that it is not relative to the Pod.

And in retrospect, should never have been posted here. 


Maybe a challenge is to find a inspiring (hollywood) movie on the topic of 2012...

Sadly, I do not know of any.


Does anyone? 

posted : 2009.Jun.29 @ 6.17pm

I too think that the tired disaster concept misses the point entirely.


A movie about a shift in consciousness wouldn't sell as well in this Transformers 2 market reality.
Cashing in on an idea close to the hearts of those in the visionary community is just another unneeded
reminder of the middle-of-the-bell-curve being in control. 

Thanks to Simon for the alert. Discussion is good, as is uncovering jank.

posted : 2009.Jun.29 @ 6.26pm

I guess what really burns me, is that the effects are actually soo amazing, 2012, Transformers, etc...


It would be so amazing to see all that epic art talent and skill go into somethign enlightening.

I think that it would sell actually, but they don't believe it, so it's not in their realm of manifestion.

It seems that in thier mind, these concepts fall under; " If it ain't broke, don't fix it "..


fix it .. fix it!! it's broke, it's falling apart before your eyes and your making a movie out of it to cash in!

posted : 2009.Jun.29 @ 6.52pm

If this movie holds most of it's integrety from the originals, it should be along the lines of what we're talking about.

well not quite.. but it's on it's way... .. ....




posted : 2009.Jun.29 @ 6.58pm

Concerning Airbender and M. Night Shyamalan...

He has made some horrible films.... I hope this is not one of them.

posted : 2009.Jun.29 @ 7.00pm

I hear ya Air,,, he's all about the build up and no delivery.. .. I can only pray now ; )


the series had some really great moral lessons and such in it..

all of which, I think for anyone, might be hard to fully capture in a 3 movie trilogy.

especially when it's still a Holywood movie being sold by it's action and FX.

posted : 2009.Jun.29 @ 11.41pm

Geo <Viradical> and I were just reflecting on the fact that the comments in this thread took the words out of our mouths before we could post them.


However, it does seem funny that this somewhat cynical thread is getting attention, while more relevant posts sit without comment from peers.


Perhaps we are touching on a tender spot in our collective experience: what is our relationship with the shadow, the deeply disturbing, strife, failure and such?


I'd like to share some of my recent experiences with darkness and healing:


I recently had a tarot reading that brought up three strong cards together focusing on strife, failure and pain- the reader suggested that these issues were karmicly inherited, perhaps from my father. This made perfect sense as in the last two years I have fallen off a rope swing resulting in a collapsed lung, been in a car accident that totaled my car, and threw out my back to the point of losing my job.


A few days later, I stayed up late rendering a piece I informally named Bones while some friends gave each other massages next to me. I kinda realized that the piece represented some of the darker elements in my life, and was a practice of looking at them straight in the eye and feeling them.


I had been asked a few weeks earlier if I would donate a piece to auction for a benefit for our home venue in Seattle, the Church of Bass. After another all-night rendering-learning session, I decided to print a large version of this Bones piece, which would be both my first public display of art and my first physical manifestation of digital art. 


At the benefit show, I found myself swaying and nearly crying to the feminine currents of Osiris Indria. Follwing my intuitive senses, I danced slowly, seeming to do energy healing on myself through intentional movements. I eventually lowered to the floor, slowing to the pace of yoga, and allowing myself to feel the deep pain and blind spots in my back. The music held space for me to see the beauty in this pain as it released. 


My floor-yoga-dancing attracted others into similar flows, and soon we were doing multi-person contact improv yoga dancing, which I had never experienced before. This really opened me up socially (as well as musculo-skeletally), which felt great because I have been somewhat reserved and haven't had the best confidence in that community, much related to the aforementioned dark energy currents.


I ended up making and deepening some new and young relationships that night, and felt like I had come back into my own, and was offering my gifts to the community.


}}  I hope this post wasn't terribly irrelevant and youchy-feely, I just wanted to convey some of my process through difficulty, lack of confidence, fear of failure and pain that I have been working through lately.  {{


Big blessings to you all, I hope to meet some of you at the Resonance event in Vancouver in a few weeks!

posted : 2009.Jun.30 @ 6.50am

"More relevant"?


I'm not sure I understand that. This thread got some attention because people

wanted to talk about something. I am stoked that there's finally something I wanted

to post about. You should know that I am a touch older than you lot and happen to be

comfortable with darkness, cynisism and I am coming down with a case of visionary fatigue.


I did not start the pod to be a hang out for one type of person, though it seems to have

slid far left and filled up with shanti-ed out energy hippies Wink I do not believe in the relevance

of tarot readings nor do I believe, for myself, half the things that get posted about in the fora.

 It doesn't mean I want to drop into threads and tell the posters that it's all a bedtime story.

This place is for everyone and their thoughts  and creative flow.


Most people posting here now have no idea what this place used to be like.

There was tons of activity and interaction, mad posting... an old crew that is all but gone now.

Many of them stopped posting because there was a shift in content, language and view point

that made them feel on the outside rather than included.  They have told me as much.

So if I seem a little touchy that is why.


I am an Earthling.  I do not concider my art to be visionary so much as imaginative/fantasy. 

Art is vionsry.  To call it visionary on top of that based on the inclusion of more layers or ancient

symbols we half understand doesn't make sense to me.


I think this thread is brilliant and might need a new name and location Smile


Thank for sharing.

Yodel, the first time my right lung collapsed (Spontaneous Pneumothorax) was in 9th grade. 

It was a 25% collapse (my worst) and felt like someone stuck a big knife in me and left it there. 

By the time I was 18 it had happened two more times and on the third I was advised to get an

operation.  During the operation the anesthesiologist scraped my throat to hard with a plastic

tube and caused 45 minutes of internal bleeding.  After that was under control the power went

out and the generators kicked on.  At the time the procedure was to cut the latissimus dorsi muscle,

spread the ribs and remove the affected area of lung, which they did.  The top third of my lung had 40

more "blebs" or blisters on it that would be prone to popping.  A couple days after the surgery I contracted

staphylococcus pneumonia which started to fill my one working lung with fluid.  After a month and a half

in the hospital I was 168 pounds at 6'5", pale, weak and mentally broken.  The presiding surgeon went

on vacation and the new guy looked at me case and told me my main problem was being in the hospital. 

He sent me home and I started to recover right away.   By the time a doctor told me I could exercise again

I had already been playing basketball.  I have an 11 1/2" scar on my right side.



posted : 2009.Jun.30 @ 7.20am

Thanks for sharing your deep reflections, from both of you.


I suppose just mentioning 2012 can strike a chord with in us to conjure up any kind of discussion and any related tangents.



Yodel, I may see you at Resonance.. if not my art will ; )





posted : 2009.Jul.07 @ 8.37pm
AIR the collapsing lung story makes me appreciate your handle in a completely new way.
 I fortunately have yet to experience physical harm to myself like that. Knock on wood.
However since you made the inevitable hippie comment.
I live in the northwest corner of Connecticut. I used to live in the same town as the guy that printed the original woodstock posters. So naturally, growing up around people who have lived that life style we all picked it up and learned and lived it and honestly its an amazing community to exist in. But there is a darker side to the happy face that community puts on and it is eating up the youth. I've watched my group of core friends that Ive known and hung out with destroy itself almost completely. The reason behind it all? Heroin. I have watched some of my most inspiring friends turn into zombies. At the same time I've drawn inspiration from that. Having witnessed the downfall of many of them over 2 solid years. I've made artwork based on the ugliness of this substance and what it does to the human spirit. So I guess there is a darkside to everything.
Is it wrong to draw inspiration from physical pain or others addictions? is there a way to use the art made from others addictions to benefit in some way?

Mad props to this thread for makin some good convo.

posted : 2009.Jul.17 @ 1.44am

transcending the physical realm of existence

love flows here

grace, compassion, and acceptance


dreamers of the dreams

you have showed me that i too have wings to fly

with my pen to paper...

thats where i go


thank you for sharing your hearts

you have helped mine to grow in ways i never thought possible


mirrors reflecting mirrors

3rd eye view of eternity

i share my light with you



many blessings

 ~ luna




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