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posted : 2009.Jun.18 @ 1.09am
Yeah, this really works as a mushroom, glad you saw that and went with it. Hmmm some relief detail, that could work, might need to be quite subtle i think.

posted : 2009.Jun.18 @ 7.28am
Air I love it brotha. Mad props for this. I dig the mushroom man way too much.

posted : 2011.Jan.28 @ 6.26pm

Mask number three is done.

A friend said it looked like an elepahant so I made him one.

Not sure it comes across in these photos but it is 41 inches tall.

That's just over a meter for my Canadian brothers Wink









posted : 2011.Jan.28 @ 6.34pm
wow! another nice one. I was just thinking about these masks two days ago while I was out in the ocean. I must have picked up on the creation of a new one through the force. it looks amazing. and although i do not like seeing elephants without their tusks, it is a nice effect. i guess this one lost its in battle... or some serious mating. 


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