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posted : 2009.Jun.03 @ 10.18pm
Here is a YouTube Playlist which will contain time-lapse screen-captures of me working digitally.
Life has caused me to be busy beyond having time to create fully detailed tutorials,
though some helpful information about work processes might be gleaned from watching these...
  with any luck, new videos will be added on a regular basis. Enjoy!

posted : 2009.Jun.03 @ 11.22pm
That's really fun!  What's the tech behind it?

posted : 2009.Jun.03 @ 11.31pm

Using a screen capture program for my Mac called Snapz Pro.

That one is taken in Adobe Illustrator and edited in After Effects.

Smile Smile Smile

posted : 2009.Jun.04 @ 4.33am

wow, i'm really impressed. All the text is "hand" made with stroke weight and cap?


posted : 2009.Jun.04 @ 8.14am

how much is the video sped up?


externalizing this type of thinking is good.

thanks for the lessons in visual mathematics. 

posted : 2009.Jun.04 @ 3.16pm
Nice work, vector maestro. thanks for the behind the scenes look at your creative process.

posted : 2009.Jun.05 @ 2.01pm

It's absorbing to watch your flow.  It makes me think

a lot about the prinicples of sigil magic and how the

process is advancing with our graphics technology. 



>> Sigil Magic by Joseph Max


posted : 2009.Jun.08 @ 11.10am

those are awesome phong!

it would be great to put some glitchy beats in the background soundtrack.  Edit's  "ashtray" would work particulary well.

posted : 2009.Jun.10 @ 7.19am
ashtray and ants are my favorite tracks by edit. all time.
This is awesome phong. I want to see some more. Its amazing to see how you work in illustrator.

posted : 2009.Jun.15 @ 9.43pm

posted : 2009.Jun.17 @ 6.04pm

posted : 2009.Jun.17 @ 6.35pm
Youre like a digital wizard.

posted : 2009.Jun.22 @ 3.06pm



But maybe worth considering to stretch the screenshots over one or two more frames...?


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