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index « events « Trans-cultural Picnic in Seattle, June 17th

posted : 2009.Jun.05 @ 2.29pm

This is an event we're putting on in parallel with 13 cities across the US [and one in Canada] linked through


In the spirit of bioremediation and post-industrial repurposing, the picnic is located at a park which was converted from a retired coal gasification plant. The piping has been painted bright colors and turned into a jungle-gym. Gas Works Park, is located on the edge of a lake with a view of downtown Seattle. 





This is my first flier!

posted : 2009.Jun.06 @ 3.38pm

Awe Wow 


This sounds like loads of fun


Thanks for what is sure to be a good time, I'll tell a bunch of friends about it!


Also I love the flyer, It's got elements that remind me of a piece I got from David Heskin and Aloria Weaver while I lived in Seattle


To me, its got the Vibe, for sure! Nice work. 








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