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posted : 2009.May.29 @ 7.42am

 An inspiring documentary on the Cradle to Cradle design concept of the chemist Michael Braungart and the architect William McDonough.


" if I asked you how you're relationship with your girlfriend is and you said 'it's sustainable', I'd say, 'well sorry to hear that'"

- Michael Braungart ( from this documentary )


This documentary has one of the most potent concepts our culture must realize and actualize to find harmony with all living beings.


The idea is as the title says, "Waste = Food", so anything we create that has a waste factor, the waste is actually healthy enough to become food for us or plants without harming anything in the process.


I'd like to see art go this way.

Air just demonstrated on facet of that with his beuatiful mask.


Now, to go from selling art products, to art "food".




posted : 2009.May.29 @ 9.27am

Nice drop, Simon! I read their book, Cradle to Cradle: Reinventing the Way We Make Things. The book is printed on an infinitely recyclable polymer with an ink that comes off in a chemical bath, and so the pages can be re-printed with new text using the same ink!!


Very inspirational- I feel like we all must embrace the reality that our objects do not belong to us, we are merely stewarding them for a while.Treat everything like a campsite: leave it better off than you found it! 


I'd like to see all nature-inspired art done with completely benign materials!! I know the colors aren't as bright, but......maybe more research into Green Chemistry will yeild some dope natty pigments!!

posted : 2009.May.29 @ 6.10pm
thanks for posting that Simon... William Mc D is one of the smartest dudes around for sure... same with his partner guy 'ya'... 


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