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posted : 2009.May.27 @ 8.56am

Art is Spirit


The streets of the Mississippi district of Portland were filled with the twinkle of inspiration as hundreds answered the call from a newly vitalized Spirit of the Art. Alive with imagination, a Northwest Coast visionary renaissance was the focal point of celebrations that brought an incredible community together from all corners of the bioregion. 



At the pulsing heart of the event stewarded by Elliot  and Beloved Productions were three artists whose footsteps ring with the future fate of the Art. Helping the visionary art culture transition from art parties and festival showings into the gallery world of high art, David Heskin, Eric Nez and Aloria Weaver are channeling a fresh new approach to the arts. 





It was no surprise that the line up stretched as far as the eye could see and it took well over an hour to let in all the people who came before the doors opened at 7 pm. Alot of the attendants had come to dip into the nessy wonder of Alex and Allyson Grey along with their wondered ally Mz. Imani. Enwrapt in a joyous trance of attention, the huge crowd hung on every word spoken and took a journey of poetry and prose along the tracks and trails of the Greys fantastic life. After the presentation the Greys did a performance painting deep into the night filling the air with the Spirit of Creative Inspiration spread out for all to see. 




A stunning art catalogue was a highlight of the sweet selection of visionary media supported the event made manifest by Newskinstudio and Naga Networks. The Northwest Coast is blessed by this initiation into a long line of intentionally rendered gallery shows, art media platforms and art culture events. Once again the Spirit of the Art has arrived for the benefit of all beings. 




See more pictures on and The follow up event is happening this coming weekend in Portland at the same location. 


Pod Correspondent : Delvin Solkinson (

Photographs : Kyle Leimetter (

Weave : David Heskin and Aloria Weaver (


Art at top of Article : Eric Nez 

'Ohh Luminous Moon, Please bless our consciousness with free wings



Art at bottom of article : Eric Nez

'Ohh Brilliant Sun, Please bless us with your infinitely creative energy' 




posted : 2009.May.27 @ 4.46pm
looks amazing! great job to all!!!   love and light!

posted : 2009.May.28 @ 8.09am

I love it!


thanks for the drop on that Delvin.


and the epic paintings by NEZ 

posted : 2009.May.29 @ 4.05pm

I'm pleasantly suprised by Eric Nez's new works - the anatomy is tight. Very expressive!

I would love to have been there. Thanks for sharing photos.


›› Here is also a great set of photos from the event.




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