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posted : 2009.May.16 @ 12.58pm

Im wondering if any of my fello Pod-lings has any experience with this program.


I'd really like to get out of the US for a bit but I'm thinking of starting with the Big Island of Hawaii. I just love the whole sunday dance ritual and the big Hindu Culture infulence like Kirtan is really awesome.

I'm looking to learn better nutrition (I need Food ReHab) and to find time to make music with Ableton and play with Arkaos.

Any suggestions for other similar programs would much appreciated as well

Thanks POD Collective ya'll rock


posted : 2009.May.16 @ 6.15pm
I was looking into the exact same thing about a year ago. If you have no major obligations tying you down then go for it! I went through an unemployed phase (the company I worked for went under) for a few months and really made some head way in my music but bills piled up and a job had to be found. So now I'm plugged back in with the living dead work class of repetitive taskers. I too am interested in hearing if anyone has really tried this. My main concern is spending all my time working and being to drained to accomplish other endeavors. Glad to see someone else considering the same thing. Maybe international couch surfing might be more your style. If so I'd check this out I don't think you'll get too much nutritional knowledge from that route though. Should be good to get you out of the USA for at least a little bit and on the cheap too.

posted : 2009.May.18 @ 2.25am
Our little family have been traveling through WWOOF and hosting a WWOOF-farm in Sweden for some years now.
It's really an excellent network for traveling/learning and cooperating with the planet.
Just follow your heart and go to the places that feel intuitively right for you, there are sooooooo many different vibes to tune into. Ashrams, Raw-food places, Tibetan-Buddhist monasteries, PixieFamilies in the forest (us Wink ) and lots and lots of different "organic-projects" all over the planet.

Just ride the wave!!! Smile

posted : 2009.Jun.05 @ 2.16pm

I don't know if this post is like 2 years old, but another resource is

(the site may be temporarily down- they are working on putting on a clean new interface.....)

It is sortof a combination of, craigslist and wwoof......all free to hosts and volunteers.

A place where farms/communities post opportunities-- you can also sort/browse results based on specialties like healing, activism, forestry, art, etc.


Blessings on your journey!



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