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posted : 2009.Mar.18 @ 7.37am

Hey Guys

I just released my debut album which has been in the works for quite some time now. It features two tracks with vocals from Anahata, a remix of an unreleased Brother track, a remix of Rena Jones as well as Evan Marc. Some of Xavis work graces the cover. The style draws heavily from my early 90s love of goa & trance music an the more recent love of crisp punchy robot techno. 

Full length song samples & purchase on this page

Comments very welcome on this thread


posted : 2009.Mar.31 @ 7.39pm

these turned out great Phi!

can't wait to hear them PHAT, throbbing throughout my being...

Very nice job with Anahata's voice--matches the bio:tech xavian cover art well. 

my speakers are close but not enough. 

posted : 2009.May.16 @ 5.41am

dug it so much I snagged a copy. really matched my mood right now.


side note: I can't believe you did the album art for Tipper! I'm going to his show tonight in Denver.


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