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posted : 2009.Apr.06 @ 7.32pm

Hi, I am called Jimitrius, or Jimi, for short. This is my Fora introduction.


I have not been an acitve artist (if I ever was one) for several years. After this long period of creative hibernation(chronic illness), it is time to explore and revamp my artistic skills. 


I am 23. Easygoing, yet intense. Eccentric, while simultaneously being practically oriented. Head in the clouds, heart in the Is-ness and feet on the ground.  


Artistic revampification is primarily geared toward, but not confined to pencil, pastel, colored pencil, charcoal and digital. Anything interesting and available in the moment.



* Edited - Images deleted.....apologies......I hated to do it.


............Will update when visions are manifest in some exceptable way........til' then.


posted : 2009.Apr.09 @ 10.59pm

a sweet beginning jimi - welcome to the fora!!!


i like the first picture the most - a humble but well composed web-cam photo and crop

the "at the desk" webcam shots are a wonderful genre of their own 

i'd like to see some expansions from that photo that bring out your lovely face a little more 


heart in the is-ness



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