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posted : 2005.Feb.01 @ 6.04pm
What Does the Internet Look Like
// Jellyfish Perhaps?

Gaia's rapidly propogating fractalesque nervous system of cellular entities communicating with the speed and precision of light form the kaleidoscopic network of reflecting information portals, which come to a climax of voidy richness in this section of the Fora.

Use this space to bring forth the podular surfing locations.

» Mapnet (Backbone Visualization)
» Touchgraph (Website Linkage Visualization)

posted : 2005.May.14 @ 10.56pm
The Hyperbolic Browser: A Focus & Content Technique for Visualizing Large Hierarchies
>> PDF File

Just as sexy as a black & white academic paper.
Looks like xerox got their copyright, and buried a java implementation under lots of eHype.

posted : 2005.May.22 @ 10.33pm
visualizing online social networks

a research paper (academic stylez yo!) on creating
visualizations of networks like friendster and tribe...

posted : 2009.Apr.09 @ 10.35am

>> SAS Social Network Analysis


Tool for analysis of networks to detect fraud. Pretty groovy stuff when there are millions of dollars to be saved.




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