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posted : 2009.Feb.03 @ 8.26am

I was wondering if any other PodCollective members use some of the social networks on the web (myspace, twitter, plurk, facebook, etc)

If you do, please share.



posted : 2009.Feb.03 @ 7.16pm
Added you on Last.FM Smile

posted : 2009.Apr.09 @ 10.31am

On myspace, twitter, facebook, and lala, you can find me by searching "Philihp Busby".


(fun fact, this was post #11111)

posted : 2009.Apr.09 @ 5.00pm

 Hit me up!  Smile





posted : 2009.Apr.09 @ 10.09pm

I'm yodelheck on WiserEarth and Twitter, and on facebook I'm Jay Standish.


There is a digital currency called Twollars that works seamlessly thru Twitter, and I would love it if I knew more people that were using it!! We could give each other Twollars for sweet Pod drops!!! The idea is to give "thank-you's" to people for their (unpaid) online contributions, and maybe it can grow into a more robust trading system. 

posted : 2009.May.12 @ 7.23am


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