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posted : 2009.Apr.08 @ 1.18pm

Celestial Culture Bridge

Planetary Arts Network Grid Link


For eight years, along with a crew of designers and dreamers, my soul has been dedicated to the manifestation of a media platform promoting now over 100 artists from 30 countries and creating a bridge between major art culture hubs worldwide. This next chapter in the galactik trading card oracle complex program involves this release of a 6 card microset which will be sent out across the globe. Reflecting insight, interest, and inspiration, it will also be a key primer for unlocking a grant writing process whose funding would be able to launch the full fleet 144 card deck. 


This celebrates the release of the new card set available at and other global art markets. 


The new 6 shard microset includes art from master level artists on 5 continents. Each artist represents a continent, and a genre of Spirit Art as well as a major arts organization which supports many different artists.


Ernst Fuchs ( Europe (Fantastic Art) 

Brigid Marlin ( Europe (Imaginal Realism)

Wolfgang Grasse ( Oceania (Religious Art)

Minae Takada  (   Asia (Fantasy Art)

Alex Grey ( North America (Visionary Art)

Moises Llerena ( South America  (Shamanic Art)



photo by 


with packaging art by 


Andrew Gonzalez ( North America (Visionary Art)

Roberto Venosa ( North America (Visionary Art)


Art Essays by 


Erik Davis (

Prof. Phil Rubivov (


With design by a wonderful support team: 


Sijay (

Phong (

Lunaya (

Poxin (

Aaron Rix (


Affirming the creation of the new planetary culture is about integrating language groups, in this light, this new set includes: English, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish and Spanish.


The limited edition cards are printed on post-consumer paper with biodegradable, wood cellulose based post-plastic laminant. 


The project is volunteer run and took out no-interest loans and credit card loans to make this new set possible. Please support this non-profit arts project.


The project seeks promotional support. Web links, promotional listings, forum posts, and opportunities to promote the cards in any form are welcomed. 

I am writing a series of articles for magazines on planetary art culture, any opportunity to do this in printed media would be a huge help.


The two new sets and two holograms together form a microgallery that can be put up on walls at galleries, gatherings and art culture events. I will send these special sets freely with accompanying tags for anyone who will put up a microgallery installation at their event.


The project also seeks support from people purchasing sets. Wholesale prices are available and distributors are wanted, both doing event outreach and with retail space. In addition funding to produce two new holograms and a new microset is also sought. 


Know of any incredible artists from Africa and Antarctica? I am seeking contacts to bridge with these two continents as well. 


Join our group on facebook  for updates on the project every month or two.


Interested in seeing incredible art and learning about the movement on other continents - check this tech:


Key Organizational Links


International Fantastic Art Association ( ASIA

Beinart International Surreal Arts Collective ( OCEANIA

Usko Ayar Amazonian School of Painting ( SOUTH AMERICA

Center for Art of International Imaginary Realism ( EUROPE

Society for the Art of Imagination ( EUROPE

Chapel of Sacred Mirrors ( NORTH AMERICA

Interdimensional Art Movement Unified ( NORTH AMERICA


Pod Collective ( NORTH AMERICA



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