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posted : 2009.Mar.10 @ 1.02pm

Here are my Polaroid shots from Fuente Eterno 2009.

It was an amazing event and these shots do not come close to capturing it all.

The photos are washed out, yellow and generally imperfect which is part of the fun.

People were stoked to see and hear the old camera and after some scanning and

digital prep I can now share these ephemeral slices of the flow.  Hope you like'em.



































































posted : 2009.Mar.11 @ 8.58pm

'Shake it like a Polariod picture'.

Great shots Air! Looks like you had at least as much fun as I did.

posted : 2009.Mar.12 @ 7.15am

I would say I'm jealous of all of the sun,

but gaia has given the seattle area more sun this fall / winter season than I have ever seen.


Gosh, I miss the desert.

Never been to a southwest outdoor festival before,

so it's got to happen soon!


Beautiful happy vibes, Air!

Thanks for sharing. 

posted : 2009.Mar.16 @ 9.01am
What amazing photos, thank you so much for sharing!

posted : 2009.Mar.22 @ 10.15pm

posted : 2009.Mar.23 @ 11.37am

Almost brought me to tears, Air. This is some experience, no Full Moon party can replace Sad(

Really, I mean it. Thanx for sharing in such an warm old school fashion- who don't like Roids! lol


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