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posted : 2009.Feb.22 @ 2.40pm

Sir Frankly Fips'A'Chop ( Captured on fabrigraph, below ) speaks on the subject of Neural coding.


"The link between stimulus and response can be studied from two opposite points of view. Neural encoding refers to the map from stimulus to response. The main focus is to understand how neurons respond to a wide variety of stimuli, and to accurately construct models that attempt to predict responses to other stimuli. Neural decoding refers to the reverse map, from response to stimulus, and the challenge is to reconstruct a stimulus, or certain aspects of that stimulus, from the spike sequences it evokes."


In other words my fellow neurons...


You've been evoked!




We are all capable of creating fractal, geometric, symbolic, and sacred graphical forms. This is a challenge to combine those with those of real world captured reflections (photographic). May it be that we use a photograph of our own capture, or that of anothers in this thread, combined with at least a light dash of some other manipulated graphical elements, be that of our own, or those elements borrowed from anothers posted contribution. Please post any psd's, ai's, or other source material that your willing to share, for element harvesting.


You may carry on the subject, story, or vibe of some element in the pieces previous to yours. The hope is that we create some sort of visual dialogue of imagery inspired by each other. Although it need not be a linear dialogue, make an attempt to maintain a progressive forward motion.


In addition it is my hope that we use this inspiration in a very literal way to challenge our selves, although it's not necessary, no more then it is necessary to be excessively original or ground breaking in everyday casual conversation.

Blessings, bows and juicy bitz abound!

posted : 2009.Feb.25 @ 10.05pm

Podular Timeflux



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