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posted : 2009.Feb.10 @ 7.46am

Here are some pictures from the past 4 years of treeplanting.


1. This first one is on night off my first year,  moments later i lost my camera for 2 weeks.


smoke break


2. The painting on the wall is of Tom Waits.  It hangs in the Madhouse a bar in Thunder Bay



3. The building on the right hand side of the photo is the Finlandia labour temple.  Home to the first canadian branch of the IWW.  




4.  Fuzzy hats are warm




5. hanging out in parking lots.  A favourite pass time on day off.


day off


6.  The door to my hotel room




7.  hanging out on a sun shiney day.


at the dock


8. lovely van rides


in the van




on the way to breakfast


10.  Nothing like riding in the back of a crappy old bus down some dirt roads.


in the bus

posted : 2009.Feb.10 @ 8.12am

11. Its always beautiful out in the bush.




12. down by the lake singing songs, and drinking beers




13. The bane of the planting world.


dead mosquito


14.  A dead truck near Armstrong Ontario




15. hanging out in Armstrong




16.  drying laundry on a dirty fence




17. This is where we live.


tent city


18.  happy in the rain







19.  This is Zach.  He has planted for too long.  this coming season will be his 10th year planting.  He had these hilarious vintage varnet shades that he wore with this ensemble it made him look "special."


baggin up

20.  my good buddy nick.  he is a litte worn out in this picture



posted : 2009.Feb.10 @ 8.37am

21.  Not all the trees that are planted make it.  This little soldier is an example.  Poor little guy.  the summer he was planted must have been to dry.


dead soldier


22.  Megs staying out of the rain.




23.  This one is for Air.  a pretty little moth I found outside my hotel room on day off.




24.  jaybot returns with clean laundry.




25.  Its one of the things we do best.




26.  Diggin holes to poop in.


poop holes


27. another moth macro




28.  We bought the bike for $5 at a thrift store in Geraldton.  It was a wicked little ride.  The camp was nothing but hills so we would race it around all evening.  I fell off a couple of times.  And yes we did take it off some sweet jumps.




29.  our lovely cook.




30.  our lovely quality checker.



posted : 2009.Feb.10 @ 8.57am

31.  A happy morning because its not raining.




32. My lovely crewboss of 3 seasons




33.  Nick's "scare the rookies" face




34.  A crazy thunderstorm rolling over the block.  I watched a dead tree explode after it was struck by lightning.  If it wasn't a tremendous downpour i would have tried to snap a photo of the smoldering wreckage.




35.  Just after the third storm of the day.




36.  A sign we made for one of the crappiest block we planted that year.




37.  This girl can pound. This summer she should have a half million trees planted.




38. The second nicest piece I have ever planted.  I put 4000 trees into that piece.




39.  yup it snows on us as well.




40.  She stole my seat.  But she was to cute to get mad at.



posted : 2009.Feb.10 @ 9.22am

41.  I called this the happy rock.  If you look at it  in a funny way it looks like a smiling face.  The "hat" is the only unnatural part about it.  Not sure who put it on there.  Probably some logger or something.




42.  In 2008 the company I plant for promoted me to Crewboss.  This is my crew taking a break after finishing a block early.




43.  My crew and my beloved bus.  It started pouring rain seconds after this picture was taken.




44.  The rare yet beautiful lady slipper.  This particular specimen is on its last leg.  I hope to find another this spring.


lady slipper


45.  It is my job to drive a bus all the places a bus should never go.  Sometimes it gets stuck.  Especially when it rains.  we got it out, no big deal, but it took a while and much head scratching.




46.  another crew shot.




47.  yes it rains a lot hence the garb.




48.  packing up camp and heading home.


going home


49.  I found a broken saw blade in the bush.  It had a lovely resonance when you hit it with blunt objects.  So i strung it up to a post and turned it into a gong.  Treeplanting is usually a gongshow as you can imagine it was the only appropriate thing to do.




 50.  happy planters eager to go home.









posted : 2009.Feb.10 @ 9.40am

51.  back to 2006




52.  A typical happy planter named John




53. sleeping in the crummy




54.  Eating in the Weatherhaven




55.  waiting to see if we are going to plant in the snow




56.  The most important piece of planter apparell



57.  Hanging out in parking lots again



58.  my buddy mark on a cache break



59. Erin the girl.



60.  Joel just bagged out.  He was competing with me this day. I kept beating him back to the cache, he was starting to get annoyed.  What can I say I am fast.  At the end of the day I planted an extra hundred trees, just to stay on top.  He was so angry.  Toward the end of the contract he started catching up and we would bag out at the same time.



posted : 2009.Feb.10 @ 10.09am

61.  warming up in a truck.




62. My favourite motel



63. The first bag up of the morning



 64.  There is a story behind this picture.  The checker's dog ran off towards the main haul road.  She was so distraught by the fact that her dog could possibly get hit by a truck that she blasted out of the block.  There were a couple of trucks parked on the road and when she swerved to avoid them she dumped the crummy in the ditch.  It sucked it added 2 hours to our day.  We had to call a heavy tow truck to pull it out.  none of the other vehicles were powerful enough.   




65.  I made this sculpture my second year planting.  They are old pipes that were lying around our site.  Probably plumbing for a now long gone camp.  As far as I know it is still standing.  Another camp used the site in 2007 and they said it was still there.  It sits at kilometre 81 of the kinghorn just before crossing the Trans-canada railroad




66. gunner




67.  Anya's crew my second year.




68. treeplanters are dirty




69.  getting ready for work.




70.  The block caught on fire this day, so we had to pull out.  Not pictured is the helicopter that was flying around for a few hours.  We are equiped with fire supression equipment and had the fire gotten out of control  we would have switched to fire fighting mode.  


fire watch

posted : 2009.Feb.10 @ 10.26am

71.  Mr. King on top of the crummy




72.  We do have fun out there.




73.  The sky is that colour from smoke.  There was a huge fire burning a few hundred k away.  You could smell it.  It adds a little excitment to the job.




74.  The nicest piece I have ever planted.  It burned the year before so there was nothing but soil everywhere.  I planted something like 7000 trees in this piece over the course of 2 days.  It was very nice land.  very nice.  oh so nice.  I hope i get to plant something like this again sometime.




75.  morning sunrise from the tent.




76.  This picture was hard to take.  A dragon fly landed on my back and proceeded to eat a horsefly that had been bugging me for hours.  I love dragon flys.  Sometimes they come out in enormous packs.  They show up just when your about to go mad from the flys.  In large packs they sound like helicopters.  I like to hum ride of the Valkeryes whenever they arrive.




77.  Sometimes we fly to work.  its tonnes of fun.





well thats it for pictures.  Thanks for viewing.  If anyone ever wants to come out planting trees just let me know.  Its a great time, as well as being horrible.



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