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index « audial « Agape // Forest Encounter /// Crystalline Guidance

posted : 2009.Feb.06 @ 6.06pm

posted : 2009.Feb.06 @ 11.22pm

delicious forest beats!

a mystery lurking there

where can we hear more? 

posted : 2009.Feb.07 @ 11.36am

nice.. I like the ambient feeling going on it it.

though it also feels a bit .. empty.

some areas could use more depth.

posted : 2009.Feb.07 @ 2.44pm

Thanks for the encouragement and ideas guys.

I added an image to capture the music project.

Temporarily it is called "Mount Carmel".


More updates soon.

posted : 2009.Mar.10 @ 12.59pm
...Yet still straight from the agapic nectarians,
an aural communication of ancestral splendor.

This is a liminal download.  It is not meant to be played on speakers,
but rather headphones in your sacred space.

» Agape Nectar

love ~ agape

posted : 2009.May.16 @ 5.59am

I do enjoy that last one you posted quite a lot. However, at a certain point I feel a need for some rhythm. Maybe something light like some shakers or even some hi-hats. I enjoy the narrative feel I got from this track. It definitely put me in a place of tranquility.


As for the first song I enjoy that bass thoroughly! I must admit I replayed when the bass comes in a couple dozen times. Fantastic!

posted : 2009.May.23 @ 8.02pm
thanks dear tagme.
the ointment track was an attempt to map out some of the archetypes that I've encountered and incorporated into my being.

it was a meditation on cycles, beginning and end, and then beginning and... ~
however, it is a narrative, a story, and so i will not put many words on it.

i am going to work with it again soon and add more atmosphere.
before i was trying to make a very intimate, clear sound, but i can now hear an environment filling in around it.

i really like evan barthalomew's "Borderlands" and "Caverns in Time".  These ambient journeys have inspired me a lot since i made the nectar / ointment track in 2005, so i hope to get into the ambient flow soon.



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