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posted : 2005.Dec.05 @ 12.25am
serene and still
the mountain viewing

- issa

grow : evolve : embrace


blue crystal eagle

the galactik trading card oracle complex turns 7

an elvish song of life
celebrating the podular release of the 7th design incarnation of the
Galactik Trading Card Oracle Complex
Entheoart Microgallery
rebirthed with a whole system redesign
this divinatory toolset environment is
a gaming system of another kind.

it has a fresh website

and a fresh podular mainframe

the full deck comes as a 52 card boxset
or four 13 card booster packs.
Only 128 for sale,
all hand cut and hand numbered.

with a fresh flow of pictures from
this marks the global web release of the project

merging magic in many mediums of art
illustrating cross platform techniques
drawn, painted and digitized
a pantheon of spirited beings and landscapes

An art card deck and galactik oracle celebrating the creative imagination. This limited edition gaming system includes art and artists helping to build an emerging global visionary culture.

This is the global release of the cards, they have not gone out to any distributors yet and for a limited time will be available wholesale to anyone interesting in support the project.
$15 + 5 13 card booster pack
$60 + 10 52 card boxset
All the energy of these sales goes to addressing the projects vast owings for basic design, printing and distribution.

80 of the 200 decks have been given away to the production team and artist collective along with a collection of potential contributors to the project. The remaining 120 are looking to travel out into the world.

Cut by hand with a razor, and put into hand folded and glued packaging, this intentional production arrives from the spirited networks of a culture to come.

these cards can be bought with paypal to
by mailing a check (check in for details)

or online on
>> Elfintome Art Catalogue |

this microgallery superset includes 52 different full color, high resolution visionary art pix
representing a network of cusp cultures : avaliable as 4 different pod packs of 13 cards each

visionary culture collective

elemental air suite : swords / spades / crystals

elvish essayiks 3.2

The galactik trading card oracle complex is a living toolset of visionary craftworks and art culture technologies for transformative healing in the world

resharding the crystal
attuning a perennial spirit lineage to this
splendor of the present moment

these are 13 shards in a 52 facet
oracular entheoart microgallery journey board
a living process ritually aligned with the cycles and
evolving from sun to moon

use these cards freely, may they serve to inspire your own creative process of being in the world

elemental water suite : cups / hearts / glyphs

taoist mountain alchemy school

vine world : plant path : dew ness

visionary community building
experiential network education
permaculture potentials
polyplatform communications

integrated curriculums
new system learning curves
oracular code consciousness
creative process chi boost

elemental earth suite : coins / diamonds / orbs

remixing the historical record

an open training ground for your own creative process

plant poems
paint pictures
post pixels

elemental fire suite : staffs / clubs / keys

this mobile curriculum promotes the divinatory sciences and inner arts as mediums for authentic experience and the collective development of intentional awareness. these cards are created as ritual touch stones and celestial toolsets for helping to build a viable post-civilization

elemental space suite : major arcana / portals

galactik design civilization

use these sacred tools to explore possibilities, divine and align magic,
integrate process, seed intention, provide protection, share healing, inspire growth, and experience education. they are a thousand facet starting point for your own creative process

visionary culture collective

pan-planetary gaming system
imaginal source map
visionary culture crystal spirit light fleet
elvish nation life wing : elvish by design

elvish nation light wing

what follows is the archive of the old galactik trading card 3.0 set
it is out of print and no longer avaliable

blue magnetik eagle

the galactik trading card oracle complex turns 6!

Far away on Cold Mountain, a stone path leads upwards.
Among white clouds people’s homes reside.
Stopping my carriage I admire the maple forest at night’s fall.
In awe of autumn leaves showing more red than even flowers of early spring.

- Du Mu

grow : evolve : embrace

blue magnetik eagle

the galactik trading card oracle complex turns 6!

with its humble beginnings as hand written, photocopied cards on tree free card card stock,
the galactik oracle complex has gone through 6 complete redesigns by skilz
of Onbeyond Metamedia, and dimensional rendering by produce
evolving forms across the emerging cultural landscapes. With background
pictures from Aaron Rix and celestial attunements by Phong this project imbeds the pod ness
into a spirited application of art in action.

as a celestial gaming system, the deck links the tarot, i ching and chakra system
into a sacred geometrical energy play of divinatory insight and experiential potential.
mixing mediums with metapoetiks, the cards explore the inner languages and
magical surfaces of imbedded communication.

this microgallery superset includes 39 different full color, high resolution visionary art pix
representing a network of cusp cultures : avaliable as 3 different pod packs of 13 cards each
: the new booster pack 2.3 is being released now

the deck includes art from

the trading cards are available online at
Nemo's Utopia or Elfintome

elvish nation light wing
UMIC cartomancy dpt.
elfintome outreach

posted : 2005.Dec.13 @ 12.30am
: polyfunctional toolsets for exploring self and soul :
: art and community :
: dreams and manifestations :

posted : 2005.Dec.13 @ 12.40am
galactik booster pack one : space is the place // released 2003

the first 13 shards of the galactik oracle complex represent the archetypal unfolding of visionary art culture as it intersects with worlds both ancient and modern. these are peaces of a divinatory game that can be played a thousand ways. a microgallery of images and ideas, visions and landscapes, ideas and ideations

galactik booster pack two : earth medicine // released 2004

the second 13 shard expansion set brings the metaphysical worlds of the inner into the physical world of the outer, translating the world of the imaginal into the visible. the art supersystem brings a whole community of artists, visionaries and designers together into a collective experiment in culture crafting.

galactik booster pack three : sky wise // released 2005

the newest shard set of 13 aligns the present with the future, imbedding the spaces between now and then into a colorful array of time tingling image ness. Growing into a holonomic array of potentials and possibilities, this mindful architecture displays some of the cusp as it seeps from the future into the present.

posted : 2006.Feb.06 @ 5.58pm
I gave a set of galactik trading cards to my brother
and another set to my cousins, and kept another set.
we all traded away into the night and my whole family
was engrossed in the meta:peotic patternition.

with cards lying everywhere
everybody was quick to name their favorites
bartering away into the night.

it's funny hearing my uncle read delvonious flownious
and seeing my little cousins tripping out on luke´s art.
I´ve never seen them so relavant as a social lubricant.

my grandma says the galactik trading cards
are a major hit.


posted : 2006.Feb.09 @ 12.46am
wow : what a truly incredible sacred toolset

now here is an opportunity to meet with art as a living process
as we watch these cards develop and evolve relationships at every intersection of their story
from the divine creative spirit that inspires and manifests through the artists
to the channeled metapoetiks which find their way into the weave of the artwork
to the people who build relationships with each other
in the process of making and using and sharing these cards
to the meta:mythologies that live through our experiences with them

ultra cool tools for building the sustainable new paradigm

posted : 2006.Feb.18 @ 1.33pm
Her robe is a cloud, her face a flower;
Her balcony, glimmering with the bright spring dew,
Is either the tip of earth's Jade Mountain
Or a moon- edged roof of paradise.

- li bai

kin kind

after many years of work and trust
today blue galactik hand
i am pleased as peaches
to bring you the Galactik Trading Card Tome
made possible by our allies at the pod collective

the Galactik Docking Bay is released today
containing the information codex that accompanies
the galactik trading card oracle complex

here is the link :

the Galactik Primer is being released one shard at a time
starting today for 42 days

here is the link to the:

here is the link to the:

these information codexes are living systems
still in the process of being created
they will be constantly upgraded for many years
as the 39 card deck grows by 1 card a month
for another 35 months

the cards may be purchased at
Nemo's Utopia or Elfintome

ten thousand bows to phong for inspiring the light
and creating the podular interface to host this flow
and deep bows to allyson for the cosmik guidance

posted : 2006.Dec.30 @ 10.49am
dewdrops falling
drip-drip, this world
is good!

- issa

the new level
is in preproduction mode now

you can order one of the first full 52 card decks now at

much more to come
a full drop will arrive at the official release in january

posted : 2007.Nov.22 @ 8.49pm
the dragonfly too
folds hands in prayer...
rice blossoms

- issa

Dream Ness

Elvish Life Wing Extension Set

from the dream forges
of the elphinstone rainforest
comes a shimmering reflection
celebrating the spirit of the inspired creative imagination

there has been significant upgrade to the website
including essays from
Erik Davis
Daniel Mirante
David Heskin

check the tech :

this post is heralding the release of the final installment
of the galactik trading card oracle complex 5.0
entheo art microgallery

after being out of print for 4 moons
from the 200 of each card printed last fall emerge

the final 32 box sets $64 + s/h
and final 20 booster packs $20 + s/h

intentionally hand cut, sorted, packaged and numbered

all proceeds go to paying back no-interest loans for printing and design costs
borrowed at the beginning of this process last fall

these can be bought with paypal to (remember the addition of mailing costs)
by mailing a check (email in for details)
or online on
here is the direct store link elfintome

posted : 2009.Feb.05 @ 10.52pm

fabled podlings


a few more of the original 52 card decks have come back into play

and can be seen on the new website at


along with a selection of art, artist links, essays and other goodness 


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