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posted : 2008.Oct.20 @ 9.02am

just because curiosity is hitting my head,

how do you work for yout lining?  for humwawa for instance, did you draw it on paper then scan it or is pure digital.

its just so clean. 

posted : 2008.Oct.22 @ 9.39am

"and I like how I see they're all reaching or calling out for god, and all so expressive and close to one another.... but there isnt' any sense of interaction."


That was actually intentional. The band really really wanted a biblical vibe, so I looked at a lot of Gustave Dore' woodcuts (specifically from his Dante's inferno stuff) and observed how everyone is always writhing in their own personal hells and rarely looking at each other or interacting other than maybe to trip over someone, haha.


"just because curiosity is hitting my head,

how do you work for yout lining?  for humwawa for instance, did you draw it on paper then scan it or is pure digital. 

its just so clean."


I draw directly in Photoshop with a tablet and the brush I use is just fairly hard that's why it comes off so hard-lined like that. I do occasionally draw on paper while sitting on the couch or if I happen to bring my sketchbook with me, but most of the time they just remain sketches. If i am doing a serious painting, I almost always draw right inside Photoshop because it eliminates the scanning step and I can edit my lines more comfortably (i.e. scaling, history, rotation, etc).


Should have an update on Humawa in a few days....I've been sick and motivation to paint has been sparse. Wink






posted : 2008.Oct.27 @ 10.31am

 Here's today's update. The beard is finally starting to come together. Also updated the curvature of the upper teether (they were a little too straight across).



posted : 2008.Nov.10 @ 10.50am

Made a few changes...

1) changed eye to be more cloudy and sickly

2) made "mane" more crab-like instead of "finger like" to keep with lovecraftian vibe.

3) increased size of mane claws so details don't get lost (and also so I can finish in time to submit for Spectrum).


posted : 2009.Jan.18 @ 4.16pm

Had to take a little break on this because I had to find a new job, but now life is back in order and progress will resume.


posted : 2009.Jan.21 @ 2.39am

good to hear this will start being updated regularly again. I've really enjoyed watching your progress with it.


I wanted to say I personally prefered the yellow eyes. what made you decide to do the change?

posted : 2009.Jan.22 @ 11.07am



I changed the color because I have been trying to keep this Lovecraftian vibe with the whole thing, so I have been looking at a lot of ocean reference. I felt the hot-orange eyeball looked nice and it definitely stood out, but I was really attracted to the way a shark or octopus's eye is very glossed over and vacant.  I just think for such a small change, it changed the concept of what I was going for more into my liking.





posted : 2009.Jan.28 @ 10.32am


As it turns out, it's yellow-orange again. Wink

After painting the pus-sacs or whatever those are, I just thought it would gel better with the warmer eye.


That's me, though...I change shit over and over. Probably why it takes me so damn long to finish stuff. 

posted : 2009.Jan.28 @ 10.56pm

I do NOT want to smell this guy's breath! A little more green in the steam would be nasty.  Wink

The portal going into this mouth seems like it's actually going into his left cheek -

it would be much more effective if it actually looked like it went into his throat + gullet.


Thanks for keepin us posted -

interesting visual.  Smile




posted : 2009.Jan.29 @ 11.52am

Yeah, someone pointed out the throat issue on another forum. If you look at the original drawing, it's how it properly should be....I guess I got a little misdirected inside there. I'll definitely go back to that part before the end.





posted : 2009.Feb.16 @ 12.28am



From the fictitious Necronomicon by "The Mad Arab"....


The Lord of Abominations is HUMWAWA of the South Winds, whose face is a mass of the entrails of the animals and men. His breath is the stench of dung, and has been. HUMWAWA is the Dark Angel of all that is excreted, and of all that sours. And as all things come to the time when they will decay, so also HUMWAWA is the Lord of the Future of all that goes upon the earth, and any man's future years may be seen by gazing into the very face of this Angel, taking care not to breathe the horrid perfume that is the odour of death.


Also from the epic of Gilgamesh (As Humbaba)...

His face is that of a lion. "When he looks at someone, it is the look of death." "Humbaba's roar is a flood, his mouth is fire and his breath is death! He can hear a hundred leagues away any (rustling?) in his forest! Who would go down into his forest!"

posted : 2009.Feb.17 @ 3.44am
That is epic! It has been great to see the progress of this piece Smile

posted : 2009.Feb.17 @ 4.54pm

Thank you very much, Mark!

"Epic" is about what I was shooting for, so I appreciate that.




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