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posted : 2009.Jan.28 @ 5.14pm

George your work is amazing!

this is new to me, Phong just showed me the other day, and now I've come back for a second and more full look.

It's interesting to see more people using this style of merging Painter with Photoshop, and you do it with some sweet flow my friend.


Keep up the Ness.





posted : 2009.Jan.28 @ 8.19pm

Geo! ~ The 'Shakti Insight' piece causes a hyper ressonance between my light bodies and optic nerves.

More like this ~ keep ragin' it and you'll soon get to give up your day job.


Bows to the way.


posted : 2009.Jan.29 @ 1.42am

Simon:  It means a great deal to read that coming from you, I just finished exploring your whole site (which I have been meaning to do for some time), and I am COMPLETELY blown away by your myriad creations and skill harmonization.  Deeps bows to your ness as well, brother.


Phong:  It gave me warmth to find your praise upon arriving home from a long day of hauling branches, many thanks for the encouragement.  Bows with an ardent grin.

posted : 2009.Jan.30 @ 1.50pm

Awesome Viradical!


I love the painterly style.  The seattle tower piece is especially excellent.

posted : 2009.Feb.09 @ 6.07pm

Art, art, art, art...


Urban Subversion - Painted live at H'Art Opening, Seattle 09


Lotus Link 

 Album art for my friend DJ Cotec

 You can check out his stuff at  (try 'Shaman Tech,' or 'Diviner's Sage')
I've been reviewing digital painting tutorials and making new brushes, as well as practicing my basics.  I just added some anatomy pages to the Sketches-Whiteboads-Napkins thread as well.
Feels great to shift into study mode again.  Live painting is great fun, but working at home is ideal for spotting places to improve.  I did another piece for an event, but the colors were so wack from how they looked projected in the venue that I decided it would be better to move on.  I have plenty of new stuff bubbling in the works... 

posted : 2009.Feb.09 @ 6.23pm


nice work Geo!


Lotus Link has some really nice vibes going on there.


The Urban Subversion has a nice composition and color balance.

And it reminds me of a shadowy energy I've expereinced in the depths of my soul.. on occasion ; )

He's actually in the background of this one of mine, called "shadow dance" :


I see your buffing up on your figures from the Bridgman books..  good work man.. their sitting on my shelf right now.. been meaning to get into it .

thanks for the reminder : )


thanks for the inspriing flows!







posted : 2009.Mar.14 @ 4.59pm

those new ones from the Hart opening are dope geo!

good to see your work while im down in the desert. 

posted : 2009.May.26 @ 12.26am

Salaam, Podcollective.  It's been about 3 months since I've last posted new work, and I have not been idle.  It's finally time for a new drop.  I've built up many new pieces, and many profound experiences to share.  I dedicate this week to Elemental Earth.  I am digging my roots into my studio, my meditation practice, and to all of you, and I will post something new each day of the week.

The first is my latest studio piece.

Shaper of the Merkaba



 This giclee was shown at the Seattle Interdimensional art show.  A 5 ft vinyl print has also been hanging all month with my other canvases at my first official gallery venue, the Utilikilts store in downtown Seattle.

This piece has taken on a lot of significance for me.  The days I spent on it were very charged with emotional and spiritual growth, developing deeper telepathic connection with my loved ones.  I made the figures and Merkaba geometry in Zbrush, a program I've come to really love.  As I've been learning to manipulate the digital clay, pushing pixels around in a virtual environment, I've been deepening my lucid awareness of waking life as yet another virtual world, as malleable to our imagination as the clay.

I had a dream last week that I was alone in a room, wearing the wrist bracers that my friend Cotec made for me (the gems used are aligned with the intention creating visionary art that serves justice).  I was holding up my right hand and staring into one of its jewels, a tiger's eye striped with jasper.  I spoke the ancient Indian axiom, 'I am That,' and suddenly my body and the room dissolved as if it were a disturbed reflection on the surface of water.  The ripple pattern was in the shape of the Merkaba.  Reality shimmered away and I experienced myself as the infinite unmanifest void, Purusha.  It is the feeling of utter peace, the quiet eternal Awareness that we return to each night.  My body and the room shimmered back into existence, and I played with the phenomenon several times, speaking the spell and hazing into and out of astral reality.

The Shaper of the Merkaba is our higher Self in its creator aspect.  According to Nassim Haramein's research and many before him, the Merkaba is in many ways the shape of reality itself.  This piece is a celebration of the fact that we are all the shapers of our own realities.

Check back soon, I've crystallized several drops like this for the next few days.

posted : 2009.May.26 @ 8.54am

props to ya Geo.

your art evolutions reflecting dreams  of us all in multi-D realities.




posted : 2009.May.27 @ 2.23am



Primal Mysticism, painted live at Peking Duckstep, Seattle 09.  I made this for some friends of mine, a Seattle-based fire dance/performance troupe known as Primal Mystic. 



Here's some flyer art.  My client asked for a sci-fi vibe, super fun.  I'm going to be doing live art as a regular at these events, should be slammin.




Another live painting gig I'm doing this week with my bro Mariah (then I have another at Bass Chamber on Saturday, so I'll keep up the posting momentum).





Rush job flyer art for a gallery show after the other guy fell through.  I remixed art by all three of us who were showing.  I also made the Livenlove logo in the lower right.



Here is some portraiture.  These are almost always done right before a birthday or holiday, so they are usually rush jobs, but the recipients seem to like them, so I'll post them here.



This one is of my roommate, Iotus, aka Geoff.  Geoff was at a Vipassana retreat at the time.  Geoff + Theophany = Geophany.  He is the sickest dancer I've ever known, Gnostic disciple and master of webdesign.




A lover, Carla.  She's a lucid-dreaming, fire-spinning, contact-juggling, video-editing, capoiera-kicking, ballet-dancing communications major and performance activist (and a budding producer).



Here are some older ones, John already posted this one in the self portraits section.  He's a Space Wizard Afrtificer/gemstone artist on the Pisces/Aquarius cusp, feeding the masses with 2 fish and sharing the abundance of knowledge from the water pitcher.  Programmer, promoter, architect of the Datachurch.  He's shown me the ropes on a great many subjects, a true brother.


Marisa - Gemini Remix.  Beautiful, radiant, incredibly compassionate, her smile lights up the room.  A dedicated seamstress, she designs rad gloves and hats distinctive of our community.  She is an excellent chef.  I think she's a Betazoid.


A birthday present for Michael Manahan, a heavyweight mythic figure here in seattle (  His myspace has pictures of him chilling with people like Alex Grey, Daniel Pinchbeck, Lorin Bassnectar, etc.





Chryseph, master of myriad physical skills, particularly the firestaff (and poi, ropedart, dragon staff, double crystal wand, and more than I will name here).  He is a professional performer and gemstone artist, and a super bad ass.


Jael, Oneironautic reality-hacker and Jedi Knight, master of video manipulation and co-founder of Psyche Sonics, ravenous devourer of cutting-edge noospheric science.


Jael and I have been attending a mixed martial arts class since January.  We're cross-training in Panantukan, Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, Hubud, Savate, Kali, CSW, and Brazilian Jujitsu.  We've been really connecting with the D'Jedi archetype through our practice. Adam Apollo teaches a course on the subject, we're looking forward to connecting with him.


We've been watching the new 'Clone Wars' CGI series (super dope) and reviewed the prequel movies.  The behind the scenes footage shows lightsaber choreography identical to our Kali/Escrima stick work.  At Prosperity festival we busted out our ratan sticks painted with glow-in-the-dark paint and had a massive sparring session around the bonfire, amped by the music.  Jedi are real. Smile  We're getting some garb constructed for us for Oracle Gathering.


A few days ago I had a really intense dream.  I'd been pushing hard through the week to finish all my contract work for microsoft as well as prepare for Interdimensional, and I was in need of some deep rest.  I dreamt that Jael and I were picking up some food from a grocery store.  Suddenly we were surrounded by a group of thugs who were threatening us.  I told them that I didn't want to fight any of them, and tried to appeal to their reason by asking if they really wanted to either.  This was apparently the wrong thing to say, because one of them attacked me in response.  I cut loose, hitting him with a combination of strikes and he went down, eyes staring up at the ceiling in silent pain.  I think his fingers were broken.  This gave the others enough pause that we had time to get away in a car.  As soon as we were out of there, I started sobbing.  Emotions are really intense on the astral plane, and I was feeling the psychic trauma sharply.  I felt horror that I had the capacity to hurt someone like that.  I woke up, relieved that it had been a dream.  I realized it was Memorial Day.


I thought of all the soldiers and warriors who have been in that position over the course of history.  I've read a study with a little known statistic: "After World War II, the Army's own studies revealed that as many as 75 percent of combat soldiers given a chance to fire on the enemy failed to do so."

Alarmed at this, generals have since taken steps to brainwash soldiers into shooting without thinking, which has resulted in skyrocketing cases of PTSD as the realization of having taken life crashes in on the sodliers.  I remember reading that about 100 marines commit suicide each month related to this, it's a big problem that the military keeps on the down low.  I took the time on Memorial Day to honor the sacrifice of all those people.


I've since been thinking on the Bhagavad Gita, which is in many ways the art of learning to fight with a loving heart, and not giving into the fear and anger of the Dark Side.  I'm very grateful to have my partnership with Jael, because I love him even as we spar.  I will be thinking on maintaining that love at all times we learn to diffuse situations like that with a minimum of physical harm.


I'll sign off there, I made it my priority to post tonight instead of finishing my copyediting work, so I'd better get crackin.  I've got more pieces to touch up and post, stay tuned.


Om Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu 

May Eternal Peace & Goodwill Prevail in the Whole World.


posted : 2009.May.27 @ 6.22am
I am very glad you prioritized in favor of podness because this is a juicy post!
Awesome thread altogether, V!  Thanks for the visual richness and thoughtful vibes.

posted : 2009.May.27 @ 7.21am

Thank you for sharing your story Viradical.

It has put tears in my eyes and a deep sense of following my own artistic vision on this planet.


~In gratitude~


posted : 2009.May.27 @ 10.40pm

Thanks Air, Lucid, I'm very happy to share.  I only have a moment tonight, but I'm determined to keep it rolling.


Much of my time in the past couple of months has been spent immersing myself in tutorials and constructing brushes/tools.  Here's a speed painting I did  after absorbing David Levy's gnomon tutorial (I highly recommend it, it's mindblowing):


Arcology Concept, 3 hours 



I have lots of sketch book pages to scan and some more studio pieces that are almost finished (including my Oracle Gathering submission), but I probably won't have the chance to post again until Friday night.


My new Intuos 4 just came in the mail.  Stokage.  My intention is to get it dialed in and really develop my environmental painting.


Bows to the Way. 



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