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posted : 2009.Jan.20 @ 11.29pm

posted : 2009.Jan.21 @ 2.23am



I was really hyped up about the concept art for this game when I first saw it.. especially the protoss-related designs.


I remember for my sister's golden birthday my mom and I came up with the great idea of attempting to convince her we were all aliens disguised as humans. haha, well right after her and I got home from school my mom approached us talking jibberish, a sort of inquisitive jibberish that is. I did a quick response and then, with waiting stares, we both immediately directed our attention at her. needless to say, she was speechless and looked pretty damn confused. so we started up the jibberish again, being quite persistant and natural with it until she began getting frustrated. so basically we were forced to resort back to less enthusiastic english and used it to explain to her the whole being from another planet thing (our home planet being Xel'Naga, the protoss home planet). we told her it was customary for us to reveal our identities on golden birthdays, and to attempt to start conversation using the native tongue with the birthday boy/girl, to see if they were ready to know more. there was no way she was buying into any of that, so we busted out a crude little booklet, with protoss inspired symbols, asking her to look at it and acting as if he we hoped it would be easier for her to read the language. after she said no, my mom would just start at her again with the jibberish, repeating the same 4-5 syllable phrase. what was so funny about it is my sister looked as if she was sincerely trying to understand it, she looked as if she was really struggling to, and eventually she interrupts my mom with a revelatory yet very self conscience  "... I ... I think understand it.." thats basically when my mom and I couldn't contain ourselves anymore and busted out laughing. which left her pretty blushed. she'll tell anyone we tell the story to that she didn't ever begin to consider it was real, and that it was just plain obvious my mom was attemptnig to say "do you understand?" but she's full of it Smile you could tell by her curious and attentive look. oh yeah, she turned 13 that day... so she was still pretty young. 


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