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posted : 2009.Jan.15 @ 7.18pm

My heartfelt salutations to you, shamanic art warriors.  This post has been a long time in coming.  My name is Geo.  I am 23 and a member of the Seattle art pod outpost that includes Agape, Yodelheck and Iotus on the fora.  Agape and I met while attending the Evergreen State College, and we hatched a plan to one day live together, which has come to fruition.  Our friends have dubbed our home 'The Forge,' and if that calls to mind a household pouring their energies into creation, it's an appropriate moniker.

I have been lurking in the fora for a little over a year, with the intention of becoming an active member of the collective once I had developed my portfolio a bit more.  I would drift in to check things out on occasion, and each time, seeing the intense radiance of all your art would propel me further into my own studies.  At long last, after a final push to set up a new portfolio site with the invaluable help of Iotus, I'm ready to share.  Here is some of my work, created with Painter, Photoshop and Z-brush.




 Neuroglobin - The last of 3 pieces created during a 24 hour art marathon for the Center of Contemporary Arts in Seattle.


Holographic Buddha Network - Another from the marathon.


Generate Fields


Nanorganic - Painted live at Connexion, Seattle 2008




 Industrial Anesthesia


 Mycelial Beatscape - Painted live at Create, Mt. Rainier 08


Millenial Uprising - Painted live at Freq Out, Seattle 08


 Somatic Revolution - Painted live at Somatic Revolution, Orcas Island 08


 Feedback - COCA marathon piece



Concept design for the Olympia-Rafah mural project


Burmese Step -  In honor of the thousands of Burmese monks and student activists who stood up in protest of the brutal junta regime in September 2007.  Hundreds of protestors were killed during the ensuing crackdown.  Subjected to beatings and arrests, the demonstrators maintained their commitment to non-violence, empowered by the knowledge that the true Self is immortal.  Their bravery is commemorated here.



 The Bejeweled Owl of Ineffable Cosmic Wisdom



 Battle in the Belly of the Beast - Painted live at Manifest, Seattle 08



Hacktivist - (the rest of these are concept art for my comic series)


Animus Paradigm


Gaian Snake Charmer


Shadow Surge


Brooding Skai


Medicine for the Media


I draw great inspiration from Android Jones.  I created several of the above images live on a projector at Seattle events.  I've been following Andrew's work for about four years, I remember looking at his portfolio as well as Sparth's in college and immediately knowing, 'this is what I want to do with my life.'  If you're reading this Andrew, know that I send you love and gratitude for the impact you've had on me.

I graduated from Evergreen in the summer of 07, where I absorbed the exquisite artwork and ethos of Alex Grey, and pursued an independent course of study including digital painting, creative writing, and comics/sequential art.  In college, I had first thought to become a concept artist for videogames and film, which led me to digital painting.  However, my education led me to realize that games and Hollywood are very much the opiate used to distract us from the corporate exploitation of suffering people and Mother Earth.  I look to 'The Matrix,' 'Avatar,' and many other projects as examples of how subversive art can be disseminated through mass media to touch the hearts and minds of millions.  I decided I would try to infiltrate the entertainment industry to that same end.

Since graduating from college, I attended's Revelations workshop last January, which completely transformed and elevated every aspect of my life.  Through the amazing friends I made there, I've been immersing myself in festival culture, painting live at events, doing fliers and generally working to sustain myself while working towards my higher aspirations to generate comics and animation that will aid the healing of our world.  I've been splitting my time between generating new work and getting my site up.  There are still some things I'd like to fix like getting the right font to display, but the time to launch has come!

My intention is to connect my art with information.  I've been very inspired by such authors as Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Cornel West, Ken Wilber, and Joseph Campbell among many others.  I try to find opportunities to tag creative works with breadcrumbs that lead to specific documentaries, books and thinkers. To that end, I've been working on a website my friend John McWilliams created called the Datachurch:


It's an archive of r/evolutionary content to share with people, especially those who have never been exposed to some of the ideas inside.  Please feel free to check it out, we intend to do further work on it as time allows.


Feels great to finally post!  It's a joy to participate in this collective of beautiful presences.  Much love to all of you.



posted : 2009.Jan.16 @ 6.39am
Okaaaaay, Geo! That was some post! Surreal! And surely I saw AJ, or at least somewhat AJ in many works. Well, I like his art and when there's someone creative gets inspired by him, I say GREAT! Your post is beautiful and I need to see it again in detail. Looks like you channel through emazing artistic energy and I must say the story with video games and your decision not to go this way is just as good. I myself feel embarrassed answering that i spent quite some time doing it Smile . There are many other beautiful ways to explore and share art.

Most of these art works are made in??? I guess partially Photoshop could be used, but there are bits of your art that feel like 3D and I wonder what's the flow of your creation? Especially reading "painted live"... Care to share?

Anyway, there's plenty of goodness in your Art and looks like you may take off on something even more spectacular with influences of the likes of Alex Grey. Nice to welcome such talent, Geo.

posted : 2009.Jan.16 @ 5.08pm

Hey Dman, thanks for the welcome Smile  I've enjoyed looking at your art long before posting, I get the sense you have some background in comics as well?  Where did you work?  As for games, no need for embarassment.  I love games and planned to make them at one point, and still may some day.  They are a fantastic story-telling medium, and they get more immersive on a daily basis, I just didn't want to have to spend years and years climbing a ladder just to get in a position with any creative control.  Right now I want to work on manifesting a message I believe in, and it's hard to find a game about human rights and non-lethal acts of subversion Smile


I favor Painter predominantly during live shows, it has a really smooth flow for me and the nozzles/pattern chalk tools let me get something passable out there switfly, which is a relief when lots of people are watching.  I tend to use Photoshop when I'm assembling a lot of layers.  I like to take 3d models I make in Zbrush and then turn them into Painter tools, like a library of figure model poses I made not long ago.  I'm about to make some more today before a performance tonight, wish me luck!

posted : 2009.Jan.16 @ 7.23pm
"Brooding Skai" stands out to me as a managable and concise piece that conveys a singular feeling.

posted : 2009.Jan.19 @ 12.00am

Here is some animation for your enjoyment.  These two are very recent, I made them as part of a collaboration with Raja of, he is printing them as animated hologram cards.  If for some reason they won't display, they are also on my site:





posted : 2009.Jan.19 @ 12.10am

Here's another one.  In December 2007, my college bro Peter Anthony and I slammed out this 4 minute 40 second music video in a little over a month as promotion for an experimental album we released.  Pete is an amazing musician, he did all the audio and I made a digital painting for each song, or he would make a song based on the painting.  Each track in the album represented a step in the psychological transformation of a consumer towards a heightened awareness.  Neither of us had done any animation before, so this was a total experiment.  I did the storyboarding and painted all the assets, and Pete animated them on top of his music in Final Cut, which was the only video editing software either of us had experience with.  We were feeling pretty embattled by the political climate at the time.  I feel that I’ve moved into a more optimistic frame of mind since connecting with the Seattle Underground, but the video still does a pretty good job of capturing my artistic motivations.  This was displayed live at a Seattle Oracle Gathering.



posted : 2009.Jan.19 @ 11.20am
i really like the video, and the song. great job!

posted : 2009.Jan.21 @ 10.16am
Digging the overall message behind your works.

posted : 2009.Jan.21 @ 5.37pm

great work senior! this thread has been incredibly inspiring for me this past week or so. I checked out some zbrush videos on youtube too after seeing this post. just woah. haha, 'nuff said. anyway, my favorite piece of yours was Somatic Revolution. although I liked all your snake imagry and linking-up animations almost equally as much.

posted : 2009.Jan.22 @ 3.12am

Thanks a lot for the feedback, it motivates me to keep posting.  This week is pretty packed, I’m putting in a lot of landscaping hours while still trying to keep my art feelers out there.  I’m working on a piece for a fundraiser right now, I’ll post it soon along with some others.


Sandbag, 1sttofall - Rock on


Antwan – Glad to hear, that makes me feel good.  I’ve been inspired by some pretty amazing people, I’m happy to keep it flowing onward.  You-tube does have some cool Z-brush videos, they give a quick impression of what the workflow looks like, if you like those you’ll love all the free tutorials on the official Zbrush site.  They are an awesome resource.


Somatic Revolution is a more recent piece, it’s definitely indicative of the direction I want to move into next, especially with regard to color theory.

posted : 2009.Jan.22 @ 3.20am

Here's something I put together last April for a comics convention in Portland.  I have the first issue all thumbnailed, I'm looking forward to making the first few pages once I've squared some other stuff away.










posted : 2009.Jan.22 @ 3.48am

This comic is the last thing I did at college before graduating.  I made it for a zine my comics/sequential art class published.  I’ve progressed beyond this style, but I thought I’d share it because there’s a little synchronicity and magic in it for me.  For one thing, the main character is the same archetype as Aya, and I didn’t know about Illuminated until after this was published.  I get the impression that she’s bubbling through the noosphere, pulling herself into the public consciousness. 





















Here’s the story that goes along with the comic.


When I bought my ticket to Revelations, I was thinking about how much potential and influence there is in the arts, and particularly in the digital arts due to their relationship to the entertainment industry.  I was really hoping that the vibe there wouldn’t be too commercial.  On the contrary, as soon as I arrived I was blown completely away.  Lorne Lanning, the CEO of Oddworld and keynote speaker, was LAYING IT DOWN.


Here’s an overview of what he said:  Post-WW2, Lorne was doing industrial design for fighter craft, learned about the military industrial complex, realized he'd been living in 'a Fox News dream.'  He spoke of Tianamen Sqaure, Albert Einstein, Jim Henson (who saw nothing but garbage on TV, decided to make educational entertainment/art), George Lucas (used mythological archetypes to comment on imperial ambitions and spiritual balance), George Orwell (writer who used his art to warn of tyrannical social trends). Lorne described modern entertainment industry as 'drug makers.'  He showed a sculpture of a fertility goddess, made to celebrate generative creativity and abundance during a time when artists were the top of the social hierarchy, the shamans who drew images on the cave walls ('hunt a buffalo like this,' 'don't eat this plant, etc.') transcribing the information the tribe needed to survive.  He spoke of artists as sensitives, the members of society who are attuned to the horrors of war and suffering.  He said that when artists are impassioned and angry about suffering, they have to watch themselves so they don't make their friends and family angry at them.   He spoke about the Upanishads, and meditators who learned to find balance and radiate peaceful vibrations.  Seek self-knowledge, don't take it in pill form from your priest, follow the Gnostic principle.  Don't believe the history text books you're given, seek out populist sources like Howard Zinn's 'A People's History of the United States of America.'  He spoke of Ayahuasca, the shamanic brew that breaks down ego and fosters connectedness with nature.  He spoke of Terence McKenna, and how you won't find him in the mainstream media.  He spoke of Alex Grey and his book, The Mission of Art.  He spoke of how artists/sensitives can perceive auras and emotions, and he showed digital paintings by Android Jones, depicting DJs/artists like Bassnectar and Bluetech manipulating the aura/emotions/energies of the audience… using art to awaken the consciousness of the tribe.


As soon as he was done, I went up to him and shook his hand.  I told him his speech had been the contents of my heart and thanked him for being there.  He responded warmly, and we continued to see each other around over the next few days.


While I attended lessons there, I realized that I had a unique opportunity to speak the students.  The comic was tailored to that demographic, the people who will be creating our culture, the movies and games and books we see everyday all over the world.  I stayed up late and made the documentary page, then went to Kinkos and printed as many copies as I could afford, made easier because I’d had to distill the essence of the story to fit in the zine.  I asked Jason Manley of Massive Black if he would be willing to announce on the PA that I had free comics to give out.  He sized me up and decided he liked the self-promotion, and made the announcement.  To my surprise, people swarmed to the stage asking for copies.  When they were all given out, I walked around drinking in the sight of over a hundred artists from around the world absorbing my message.


That felt really, really good.  I felt like I was built to do that.


People gave me a lot of positive feedback and said they’d check out the documentaries.  Through the comic, I connected with Lorne, Andrew, and Lotus Drops, Andrew’s spiritual bodyguard, who introduced me to some friends in the Seattle Burner crowd, friendships that have grown strong in the past year.  Thank you Lotus, you changed my life.


Artistically, socially, financially, emotionally, everything about my world was completely transformed for the better as a result of that experience.  I am very grateful to have had the privilege.

posted : 2009.Jan.26 @ 11.53pm

Shakti Insight - Painted live at Chillaxity, Seattle 09 



The Gift of Bass - Fundraiser piece for the Transcendent Church of Bass 

Whew, long week.  I've been spending the days doing landscaping to pay the bills and working on art/printing canvases by night as my secret alter ego.  I've been practicing my anatomy, I'll upload some sketches soon.


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