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posted : 2007.Sep.11 @ 4.17pm
A place for the wilder part of our photographic lives... Two friends accompanied me to the Goat Rocks Wilderness this weekend. My first encounter with this magical goat heaven was when I was fifteen: my father, brother and I set out to explore McCall's Basin, a horse camp at the foot of the Goat Rocks mountain range. But upon arrival, our longing for pristine alpine landscapes was not satisfied, so we explored an adjacent valley one ridge over. What we found has become my favorite mountain locale―a beautiful landscape with a lushly flowered meadows, a spacious, secluded valley, seven 7,000 to 9,000 ft mountains forming a bowl, 4 waterfalls cascading down into the valley, neat rock formations and of course, hairy, stinky, but cute, goats... Enjoy!


The Valley and the Bowl


Jeremiah Pretending to Defend Himself from Rays of Love


Flying Experiment


The Lower Falls I


Geomorphic faces


Splashing in Color!




Celestial Nourishment




Tieton Peak


Goat Architecture I




Jumping Beings


Mysterious Celestial Spout


The King of All Boletes is...




Geological Fissure Mimicking the Human




Fuzzy and Soft Indian Paintbrush


Can't Remember What You Are...


Blue Tieton


Patterns Gifted by the Eons


Bizarre Shadows in the Water


Nice Lump


Metageological Markings


Dusk Bowl


Morning Hills


Goat Trails


Red Rock Garden


I Ran That Ridge Smile


Goat Deity Crown


Tahoma [Mt. Rainier] » Respect...


Old Snowy Mountain » An Old Friend


~ Goat Rocks ~


Light Pouring From the Heavens


posted : 2007.Sep.21 @ 12.58pm

Mandalic Pacification

Mandala For Intentionalizing Fall

posted : 2008.Jul.16 @ 9.27pm

Tent Rocks // New Mexico My family explored Tent Rocks last weekend. These are ancient geological structures formed by a volcano extinct for some 3-4 million years. Bizarre and temple-like... Arrow



























posted : 2008.Oct.20 @ 2.41pm

Mt Rainier // Near Ptarmagon Ridge Me bro, dad and I ventured into the mountains again, this time to the sacred Mt. Tahoma. Since moving to New Mexico, this has become an increasingly important place of spiritual renewal for my busy father... This was in late August.





















































 Thank you Tahoma ~


posted : 2008.Oct.20 @ 4.11pm

awesome landscape, beautiful color & view.

very inspiring, thanks you for sharing those moment.


posted : 2008.Oct.20 @ 5.25pm

Nice beaver.

Strong compositions too Smile

posted : 2008.Oct.22 @ 6.45pm

ahem!  he's a marmot...  Smile  i have a watercolor of a marmot that i will post soon.  they're so cute!

thanks for the compliments.  i've definately gotten better at light management.

posted : 2008.Dec.28 @ 7.24pm

Did the annual goat rocks trip with five others this year.  This was early september and the weather was dankalicious.

Enjoy ~




























































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