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posted : 2008.Dec.23 @ 7.40pm

Alright, i've been asked to get some poxy presense up in here. So lets see if i can get this going and keep it flowin. I'm gonna start with a phatty december drop and hit up some flash backs photo wise. If any of this inspires you i'd ask that you take that inspiration and use it to raise your bar. I'm challanging my self to do the same, for the sake of evolution and for the love of observation.




Sunset before an epic snow storm.



The Gaurdian and hostess of the Blue Fish Motel.




Results of me chasing crows around in the snow with my telephoto.


Snowy results



Ignored warning


3 level residence representation, co-exsisting?

No Play

Walkin home


Thin thickets


What"s left


The path is raised




Frozen fractle window

From here to there


Cutie in the snow


Bolded by delicious skies




No one going anywhere


A series of mess


Frozen art-if-acts




Chillin bits


Darkness creeps


And the city sleeps


More to come as i shoot em.

posted : 2008.Dec.23 @ 9.27pm

Pox, you are a wizard on many levels.

I am stoked to see your visions in the fora again.

The crows!  Hail, Odin!  Bring the magic, Northman!


Don't be a stranger.

posted : 2008.Dec.23 @ 10.35pm
phantaxtic pix Pox!!  thanx! xeep it xoming

posted : 2008.Dec.24 @ 1.23am

boom! poxonious is back in the ness.

on behalf of many eyeballs, these patterns and encoded vision are grounding gift.

 keep up the pheasting, and I'll see u soon!



posted : 2008.Dec.24 @ 4.37am
Damn that's a sweet sweet post Pox. Love the no play one, such a nice vibe Smile

posted : 2008.Dec.24 @ 6.18am

wow man!  definately inspiring me to post some photos and get out in the world with my camera.  the crow in flight and the chilled piece are my favorite.  and the sunset colors are exquisite!

i love winter photography.  thank you.

posted : 2008.Dec.27 @ 7.02pm

Boom! the love in here, i tells yah wut!


Thanks everyone!


Here is another small batch from the peak of our epic snow storm Here in Vancouver.


Our back deck

My home and back ally, crazy blizzard styles

Folks in the blizzard


Your typical Eastvan Street



It snowed once more after these shots a few days ago. The city of vancouver was pretty much shut down for most of Xmas day, through until today. Mass power outs, roofs collapsing everywhere, buses stuck, skytrain busted, airport shut down. And now that it's warmed up and raining, massive floods are causing small lakes to appear on ever major road making it sketchy to drive anywhere. Amazing weather really, proof that our climate is really unstable at the moment.



posted : 2009.Mar.18 @ 4.50pm

Moving along to some graphical shares...


These are two massive posters i'm working on for a client. One is the Naturalpathic Oath, and the other is the 6 Principles of Naturalpathy, in Latin.  These are to be distributed and put up in naturalpathic docter offices around the lands! yay!


posted : 2009.Mar.18 @ 9.12pm
pox, yr visions are toxic, man! phat december drop almost took me off my feet...

posted : 2009.Mar.19 @ 10.46am

the first piece esp has my gaze,

with the plant-mind coming out of the sun or light-source being the coolest and somehow also warmest spot.

nice job on getting exposure in a sustainable industry, man!


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