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posted : 2008.Dec.16 @ 2.43pm

Hello from Bulgaria.I am Martin.

I Work as a Graphic Designer at the moment but here is some photos under the name of "Strangers"


























posted : 2008.Dec.18 @ 6.43pm

welcome martin!

these are great black and whites.  the spirally staircase is my favorite. cheers!

posted : 2009.Feb.10 @ 6.07am
These are some exquisite Black and White shots, the two stairs shots are excellent, as is the last one.

posted : 2009.Feb.10 @ 9.02am

Welcome, Martin!

Bulgaria s is in the house!


I like everything about these.

The small size, which I usually don't dig, works well here.

The way you framed these (in camera?) is nice.  It's not the way

I see things which makes them fresh to my eyes.  The post processing

of scratches and such adds just the right extra moodiness.  Well done!

(Or, are these film shots?)


posted : 2009.Feb.11 @ 8.21pm

Oh, hey, these are great, Martin. Your photos create movie watching sensation - very moody and , yeah, scratches and small size seriously

do it right here. Post some more and if you have any art... POST it as well.



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