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posted : 2008.Dec.01 @ 10.14pm


I guess this is more developed than a sketch...... its the first thing i've done in about 5 years.... its still kinda sketch-y 




a fresh young pen-ling 

posted : 2008.Dec.02 @ 12.50am
Yodelheck - INSAYNE my brother! So glad you're posting these! Keep the flow goin!

posted : 2008.Dec.04 @ 7.16pm

posted : 2008.Dec.05 @ 6.12am

Oh, this is some interesting sketchig here. Some of these pieces look more like beginning of something wa-ay bigger! Like a painting... full wall size! Good stuff. Cozmic!

me- like!!! 

BTW, Psybe, love this face you posted! Intense s.o.b. - cover for horror flick or something like that Smile

posted : 2008.Dec.05 @ 3.45pm

Agape, this last one has my attention, prezentation and all.

Keep us posted and don't let it stop here.

Perhaps a digital treatment?

posted : 2008.Dec.06 @ 1.04pm

it's going fluoro acrylic steez as we speak.

gold and blue--should i add green?


oh and does anyone want to color this--let me upload a better quality img.

posted : 2008.Dec.07 @ 1.13am
I can help you in coloring Agape  I love the flow of the fractal-stalagmite doo-dads.

posted : 2008.Dec.07 @ 8.03pm

» orphic_trinity_side_horizwvental.jpg


» blueprint_style_-_orphic_trinity.jpg


¦¦ ¦¦ these aren't that great--but will they do?

posted : 2008.Dec.08 @ 6.15pm
Those are grand-ular, but some scanned ones one be even more grand... I'll get with making it sharper for now.

posted : 2008.Dec.08 @ 8.51pm


photoshop nerd:session 

posted : 2008.Dec.11 @ 10.28am

Yodelheck, you are insane! I love thick to thin and miniaturism in between. I think AZTEC when I see your art. And yeah! , these are

a bit more developed than just a sketch Smile You can make a new post out of these babies...

posted : 2008.Dec.13 @ 8.28am
Yodelheck I agree with Dman. Thats bad azz. I really dig your flow.

Agape..can you get that image scanned? I'd love to play around with coloring it.

posted : 2008.Dec.15 @ 9.27am

I don't actually draw that much anymore.

Yesterday I was swirling around with a ballpoint pen and three pens later had arrived here.

It is not much but I like it and it was fun to do.  So, I post this as a reminder to myself (and those who haven't

picked up an anologue stylus in a while) to get back into the fun.  Rough nuggets like this can lead to greater things.


Keep'em flowing, people. 



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