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posted : 2008.Jan.27 @ 3.09pm
Looking VERY good! There are elements of both teasers that I really like but the music in the second one is so funky that it HAS to be my favorite.

posted : 2008.Jan.28 @ 7.44am
legendary... this show is a delight! i received the usb device, and must say it is a delightful piece of flair.
i love wearing art by xavi Smile many thanks

posted : 2008.Feb.14 @ 9.33am

posted : 2008.Feb.17 @ 9.20am
Has anyone seen Paprika [2006]?

posted : 2008.Feb.17 @ 1.54pm
sounds like i really should see that. it was recommended to me before...
it sounds spicy though, will my eyes water??

posted : 2008.Feb.17 @ 6.36pm
It has ideas about dreaming that appear to be aligned with Illuminated.
Shouldn't get you too emotional, so dice an onion while watching it.

posted : 2008.Dec.11 @ 7.32pm

Maybe you have all seen this extended tasty tidbit, since some of you
seem to be involved in manifesting the optical-aurals, 
 but I haven't seen it posted
so for those who have not, have.
lookin forward to more!

posted : 2008.Dec.11 @ 8.25pm

nice,, I hadn't actually seen that extended version for some reason.



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