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posted : 2008.Aug.04 @ 7.32pm

Each photo above is made of anywhere from 20-40 photos, stitched automagically with Photoshop's Photomerge function.
My friend Bubba has been working very hard on his studio, and it shows! That studio makes me drool! Very Happy
Click the photos for a larger view.

posted : 2008.Sep.09 @ 10.03am

This is a very BLOODY nice looking studio! Envy!!!!!!!!! Super effort Sandy! I am yet to try this photo stitch tool everybody is talking about Smile




north of samui

posted : 2008.Sep.09 @ 10.41am

Darn!!! Smile to all who, like me, still stitches pics the old fashion (looooong) way, I have just used PHOTOMERGE process in Photoshop (1st time) and compared it to mine (free hand). For your wondering eyes and for those who may be in doubt: 5 min of staring at the screen and! :


top image is done by photomerge and bottom one is my creation >>


posted : 2008.Sep.24 @ 11.52pm

same spot, but different light... the sun at about 4pm

 this time client requested red'n'white tower to be removed





and a view from the balcony of my townhouse


posted : 2008.Sep.25 @ 7.46pm

nice shots dMan. where is it that you are living? bali? nice call on ridding of that tower though. looks much bettah.



posted : 2008.Sep.26 @ 9.51am

Thanx Erik. Red and White Tower... I really can't stand them - they are not everywhere, but such an eye-sore, that it feels like it. Anyway, one can see them from nearly any elevated spot on the island and it sucks. To the question of the location - I live on the Island of Koh Samui (Thailand). About hour and a half off the main land by ferry or 1 hour flight from Bangkok. The island is off the East coast of Thailand. Not far from it is Koh Phangan - you can see it on the photo- famaous with it's Full Moon party.


i live in      pradize!     he-he...

posted : 2008.Oct.29 @ 4.37am

The Himalayas as seen from outside of Dharamsala, North India.


Himalyan Panorama


posted : 2008.Oct.30 @ 10.46am



Near North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. My sister on the rocks.

posted : 2008.Nov.12 @ 5.48pm

my turn.

My art/work cavern, a mess as always.

posted : 2008.Nov.26 @ 9.39pm

Phong, I love that India pano.

I think I am addicted to panoramics. Another:

Encinitas, CA Nov 2008

encinitas, ca November 2008

posted : 2008.Dec.08 @ 4.26am

Phong, you... you... jealous i am and hope to go to places like these sooner... Great colours and just mighty looking formations! Majestic it is.


Sandy? when did you go to Hawaii??? Why not a panoramic with you on a surfboard Smile  ha-ha-ha... nice pics. Although, I must say that I'd rather see Anja

on the Right rocks in the corner of the photo.  (IMHO)

posted : 2008.Dec.08 @ 11.16am

St. Clair beach, Dunedin, New Zealand.

A nice place to surf,

except after heavy rains; notice the sewege pipe in the distance.


posted : 2008.Dec.09 @ 5.50pm
 didn't realize Kron made all those additions to his studio.  Nice work.


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