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posted : 2008.Nov.30 @ 9.00pm

» Andrew Weil and Rupert Sheldrake // Hollyhock, BC : 2008


They discuss a number of different issues pertinent to healthcare.  One interesting section is the discussion on statin drugs, which are used to reduce LDL's (low density lipoproteins) from accumulating in arteries, (which can lead to atherosclerosis, hearth attack, etc.)


Also interesting is the segment on Vitamin D and cancer.  I started working on farms when I was sixteen and haven't used a lot of sunscreen...  However, I also don't burn very much, usually at all.  Dr. Weil mentions a study that found lower melanoma rates among farmers.  I haven't been able to find his source on this, if anyone has the time.


I have heard from various sources that consuming some fungi can provide Vitamin D during the dark winter months.  However, they mainly provide D2 from ergosterol, a plant/fungi sterol that must receive solar radiation to be converted in Vitamin D2.  If they are store bought mushrooms, they probably aren't getting enough light exposure prior to harvest to achieve this conversion, although that is debateable.  Our body prefers D3, which is mainly obtained via the fortification of foods, however these are not absorbed as efficiently as the bodies production of D3 after sun exposure.  So I guess either live in sunny places, or learn how to manipulate the weather (which is easy Smile ).


Do you guys use sun screen?  It is definately a tricky thing...


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